Contre Jour iPhone Game Review

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Contre Jour arrived on iTunes late in 2011, and it’s hard not to view it in the context of games already released in the year. It’s a bit Limbo, a bit World of Goo – while some have said it’s unique, it’s also reminiscent of a number of modern indie gaming classics. But that doesn’t stop it from being a classic-in-the-making in its own right.

Contre Jour is a platform game in the broadest sense, but its mechanics are far removed from the norms of the genre. There are no static virtual buttons. Instead you move your character by manipulating parts of the environments – grabby tendrils, air chutes and so on – with your finger. It’s a platformer designed completely for touchscreen control, something few developers have managed to nail in the three years since the birth of iPhone gaming.
Contre Jour
It’s a title that melds together so much of what we love about iOS gaming, even if some of its influences are pretty clear. It’s creative, a little bit odd and uses real world-style physics much more effectively than many console games.


Apple’s own iPad game of the year, and one of our favourites too, Contre Jour is an inventive platformer you shouldn’t miss.