ChuChu Rocket! iPhone Game Review

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Were you one of a seeming handful of people who owned the Sega Dreamcast? We’re not too ashamed to admit that we were, because even though its shelf life may have been short, the console was home to some cracking games including the likes of Soul Calibre and Shenmue.

ChuChu Rocket!

However, alongside these 3D games, there was also an insanely addictive puzzle game called ChuChu Rocket! Sega has now recreated the game on the iPhone and the results are excellent. The game play is pretty straightforward. You simply need to guide mice towards a space rocket before they’re either caught by cats or the time runs out. As with all puzzle games, it starts off pretty easy, but the complexity and addictiveness gradually increases.


It was a big hit on the Dreamcast where sadly too few people got to experience its charms, so do yourself a favour and check out the iPhone version.

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