Casio Exilim TRYX EX-TR100 - Sample Images: ISO Performance Review


Casio TRYX iso full
The ISO still-life in full

Casio TRYX iso 100
100% crop at ISO 100 shows heavy processing

Casio TRYX iso 200
ISO 200 shows no visible difference to ISO 100

Casio TRYX iso 400
By ISO 400 noise is becoming more apparent with a loss of edge sharpness and detail

Casio TRYX iso 800
By ISO 800 the image has become noticeably softer

Casio TRYX iso 1600
At ISO 1600 noise has degraded the image quite considerably although it remains usable at smaller sizes

Casio TRYX iso 3200
ISO 3200 shows not only a loss of detail and sharpness but a marked drop in colour saturation too