Casio Exilim EX-ZR10 - Test shots: Zoom, Contrast and Colour Review


”’Intro copy”’

Here are some general test shots taken with the EX-ZR10 to give an idea of performance ability when it comes to image quality, dynamic range, colour rendition and performance at differing focal ranges.


Lovers of warmly saturated colours will enjoy experimenting with the Casio’s HDR Art setting – although the results here in this extreme close up cannot be described as in any way natural. In fact they are distinctly psychedelic in flavour. Choose the regular HDR option if it’s subtler, more even exposures you’re after.


By contrast an image taken at maximum telephoto setting and using the regular auto more for more naturalistic results. As we’ve noted in the past, Casio’s default colour tones err towards the flatteringly warm anyway.


Some lovely blue-tinged daylight colours here befitting of a crisp and clear winter’s day, although both display tell tale pixel fringing where the tree branches meet sky and metal poles do the same. Both display a good level of sharp detail throughout most of the frame, but again focus is falling away toward the corners.



Score in detail

  • Value 7
  • Image Quality 8