Canon PowerShot SX30 IS - Detail and Lens Performance



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“A more general selection of unadjusted test shots are revealed on this page and next to act as an evaluation of the PowerShot SX30 IS in a variety of shooting conditions.”


This wideangle shot reveals ever so subtly converging verticals, but otherwise detailing is good, plus colours and exposure are more or less spot on.

”’Full res crop”’


By contrast a handheld shot from the same vantage point utilising the telephoto end of the zoom to pull the statue out from its (attractively defocused) background. Again a good level of detail, but a slightly flat image that could be given further definition with a judicious tweaking of brightness and contrast in Photoshop.


Another extreme telephoto shot made all the more difficult by moving subjects and overcast conditions. But again, a degree of softness is to be expected shooting handheld at maximum zoom. We’ve lost a bit of highlight detail, but nothing we can’t live with.


By contrast again, this is a wideangle macro/close up shot. The PowerShot SX30 IS allows photography as close as 0cm from your subject. Can’t get much better than that! Again, some subtle tweaks at the image editing stage would really bring out those colours further and correct for a slightly blu-ish daylight colour cast