Canon PowerShot Pro1 - Canon PowerShot Pro1 Review


In the box Canon provides most of what you need to get going. An audio/video lead for hooking up to a TV for slide shows and a USB cable for connection to a PC. Unfortunately a power adapter is an optional extra despite the Pro1’s built in DC input.

A good compliment of software is provided including ZoomBrowser EX, Canon’s all-in-one application for uploading, browsing, editing and printing your images. Despite the clean thumbnailed interface, it does take a little time to get used to, while transferring files over the Pro1’s USB1.1 interface can be a painfully slow process. A copy of Photorecord for organising you images and Photostitch for knitting together panoramic vistas complete the bundle.

So after a thorough run down of most of the main features I’d say that the PowerShot Pro1 undoubtedly has a lot going for it in terms of settings.

However, the true test of a digital camera lies in its ability to capture light from a scene and reproduce it digitally into an image that looks identical to the original – unless of course you have an artistic streak that dictates otherwise.