Canon IXUS 90 IS Review - Test Shots – Exposure Evaluation Review

The shots below give an indication of the IXUS 90 IS’ ability to produce images with accurate exposure settings. All shots were taken in full Auto mode, allowing the camera to make all the adjustments.


”’(centre)The image above was taken with the flash forced off. The image stabilisation does a good job of keeping everything sharp despite the longer shutter. However, the window in the background is completely over exposed as a result.(/centre)”’

”’(centre)The same shot taken with the flash activated results in a far more balanced exposure. Although parts of the window are still over exposed, the security bars and blinds are now clearly visible.(/centre)”’


(centre)”’This shot of my cat was taken in low light using the flash. The IXUS 90 IS has done a good job of bringing out the markings on his coat without over exposing the white radiator behind him.(/centre)”’



Score in detail

  • Value 6
  • Image Quality 9