Canon i-SENSYS LBP3010



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  • Review Price: £72.19


Best Budget Printer(/centre)

The i-SENSYS LBP3010 is Canon’s entry-level, lowest cost laser printer, designed for individual use on a desktop. Despite its low asking price, a surprising amount of design has gone into the machine, producing a modestly sized printer that can still work at good speed.

The printer is cased in ice white, with a gloss cover that folds up and out from the top of the machine to form the output tray. A slim, strip of plastic, full of designer holes, deflects pages as they come out of the mechanism to ensure they lay flat on the tray.

A good example of the attention to design in this printer is the paper tray cover. A relatively minor detail, but with a personal laser, there’s always the problem of what to do with the paper when you’re not printing. In many machines, the tray is fully exposed to dust, coffee and other detritus, which can mess up prints and printer.

Some models have a removable cover to the paper, but if you want to close the machine when not in use, you have to have a drawer for the paper and the cover. With the LBP3010, when you fold down the front panel to make the paper feed tray, a hinged cover folds down from inside to cover the paper.

There’s even a single sheet feed for special media on top of the cover – an elegant piece of engineering. Both trays can take a wide range of paper sizes, from A5 up to 215mm x 355mm.

There’s no control panel as such; just a single green indicator to the left of the output tray, which shows power and data, along with one button to feed paper. A single USB socket at the rear is set behind a small, hinged cover, so only the cable shows.

A simple driver is provided, with very little extra software, but Canon still provides support for Windows from 2000 on, OS X from 10.3.9 and various incarnations of Linux. Good variety for such an inexpensive machine.

The integrated drum and toner cartridge slips into the heart of the machine from the top, once you’ve folded the hinged top cover up and back. Changing it is very quick and easy. There are no optional accessories available for this machine.