Canon EOS 20D – Digital SLR - Test Shots – Image Noise Review

”As of yet we do not have the facility to offer full-res downloads. This facility will be implemented in the next build of the web site. I’ve therefore had to reduce the size of the original images and/or produce 100% (i.e. 1:1) crop-outs, in order for you to get a true idea of the image quality. For all these test shots, the camera’s image processing parameters (contrast, sharpness, saturation and colour tone) were set to neutral. No additional sharpening has been applied for display on the web.”

”’This montage demonstrates the 20D’s excellent low-noise characteristics. The five insets are 1:1 crops from the original image. The larger top image (not at full resolution) is there to give an indication of where the crop was taken. As you can see, noise only starts to become an issue at ISO 1600. (Shots taken indoors without flash).”’