Bush DAB Digital Radio TR04DAB - Bush DAB Digital Radio TR04DAB Review


The buttons at the top are pretty self explanatory, with a Standby, and five preset buttons. There are actually ten presets, but you have to press a shift key to get to presets 6-10, which is a little inconvenient but not the end of the world. There are arrow keys for moving between stations and a select button for choosing what you want.

A Display button lets you switch between different information – station name, time and date, the bit-rate, the message the station is broadcasting and the frequency of the station on the multiplex. There’s even a counter that tells you how many errors there are in the signal, with anything below 50 being acceptable. Presumably, this is so you can judge how good the signal is, though I image you could get a fairly good impression of this by how the station in question sounded.

There are also buttons for Volume Up and Down, and I was pleased that you could use these just by holding down your finger rather than having to constantly tap.

A menu buttons lets you enable or disable Dynamic Range Control (DRC), which will add or remove compression levels to remove the difference in volume levels between stations – though I guess that will only be an issue if you switch between stations a lot. There’s a bass boost buttons for bolstering the sound and a mute button too.

The radio has a large aerial, which should help if you’ve got borderline signal strength. There’s a handle too so you’ll have to push down the aerial if you want to lift the radio. The Bush can be powered without being tethered to a wall, as long as you’re willing to find six large R14, batteries to fit inside it, which would seem an expensive thing to do regularly.

What impressed me as soon as I hit the standby buttons on the radio was how quickly it turned on and started playing. The Pure Evoke 3, seems very sluggish in comparison. Scanning for new stations the first time was very quick and moving between stations was free from lag or delay. This made it very easy to use.