Bush DAB Digital Radio TR04DAB Review


Key Features

  • Review Price: £50.57

DAB radio has its detractors, but at this stage of its existence it is now firmly part of the audio landscape as this report confirms. DAB radios have dropped in price these days to the extent that you can pick one up for less than £25. I’ve looked at high end models such as the Pure Evoke 3, with features such as pausing and rewinding, but this sleek model from Bush is much more straightforward.

Now, I’ve always associated Bush more with the decidedly budget end of things but with this radio I may have to adjust my thinking. The TRO4DAB may be rather clumsily titled, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with the way it looks. Instead of conventional wood effect favoured by Pure, the Bush goes for a shiny all black finish, though it is a little plasticky on close inspection. There are no hard edges, just smooth plastic with curves. The grille on the front is deliberately retro looking but the final overall effect is somehow assuredly modern. You can pick it up in white as well, and as of writing that was the only version available at the Asda online store, the only place I could find it.

A lot of this has to do with touch sensitive buttons at the top of the unit. Touch sensitive technology is everywhere at the moment and it’s only going to get more prevalent. The top surface comes alive when brushed by a finger, illuminated by a cool blue backlight. This will generate an , ‘ooooh’ the first time you see it and I suspect that all by itself this is going to shift quite a few of these radios from the shelves. If you think that it’s just a gimmick – well you’re right, it is. But don’t worry, the buttons are easy to use and very responsive. The only real negative is that the smooth surface does pick up finger prints quite easily, so you’ll have to clean it at regular intervals.

In the centre of the top surface is a small two-line LCD display, which some may find a bit limiting compared to the likes of the Evoke 3. However, the Bush doesn’t offer any recording functions, so a large screen isn’t necessary. In fact, the display is bright and easy to read and text scrolls across at quite a pace so it’s not too much of a problem.