Buffalo DriveStation HD-HXU3 USB 3.0 Hard Drive - Buffalo DriveStation HD-HXU3 Review


Anyway, with the minor details out of the way, let’s see how this USB 3.0 hard drive performs! Obviously we needed a system with USB 3.0, so our test-bed was constructed using Asus’ P7P55D-E Premium – essentially a SATA III (6Gbit/s) and USB 3.0-enabled version of the Award-winning Asus P7P55D Premium we reviewed last year. We’ll be taking a separate look at this updated board in an upcoming review.

Returning the drive to an unformatted state for our first test, we ran HDTune Pro over both USB 2.0 and 3.0. As expected, the performance difference was pretty dramatic. Comparing read speeds, at its worst USB 3.0 was almost three times as fast as its predecessor, while at maximum it performed up to five times faster. Not quite the 10x increase the theoretical throughput figures would suggest but still a very noticeable difference. Write speeds showed a similar scenario, except here the gap was even more pronounced.