Bose Bluetooth Headset Review - Performance and Verdict Review


Now to the important stuff – the sound quality. No matter

how comfortable or good-looking a Bluetooth headset is, if its sounds quality

doesn’t match up then you may as well be sticking an expensive lump of coal in your ear.

The Bose headset does not employ noise cancellation (as its

website very honestly tells you) but does offer a couple of other techniques to

reduce the noise for you and the person you are talking to.

The first is something called adaptive audio adjustment

which automatically adjusts headset volume depending on surrounding

noise. Complementing this is what Bose calls a noise rejecting microphone, which filters-out noise around you, allowing the

person on the other end of the call to hear more of your voice – though this

doesn’t work quite as well as Bose would have hoped.

Despite Bose’s rich heritage in top notch audio products, on

the whole, the Bluetooth Headset disappoints. Despite the earpiece making a

comfortable fit with you ear, the sound quality is not the best, being rather

tinny in most tests we carried out and deteriorating as the external noise grew


As average as the sound was for us the caller, the sound on the

other end was even worse, according to those we were talking to. Outdoors with

a light breeze blowing, the person on the other end of the line couldn’t hear

what we were saying – which isn’t what you want from a headset. Indoor results were a lot better but still not as good as we would have expected for £130.

The compact design of the Bose Bluetooth Headset means that

it will find it hard to pick up your voice, whereas a microphone boom like the

one seen on the Plantronics Voyager Pro UC v2 will  pick up everything

you are saying.


The Bose Bluetooth Headset will set you back £129, which is

a sizeable wedge of dosh considering it only serves one real purpose. The Bose

name, sleek design and ultra-comfortable fit will entice many to purchase this

discreet headset but once you take your first call the iffy sound quality, especially outdoors, and

the inability to pick up your voice clearly in windy conditions, means that at this price we

just can’t recommend it.


Score in detail

  • Features 7
  • Value 6
  • Build Quality 8
  • Design 8