Bedphones - Design Review


The Bedphones ‘trick’ to achieving this seemingly impossible feat has turned out to be surprisingly simple, and comprises just two main features. First, there’s the mouldable memory wire that loops over the top and back of your ear to hold the ear pieces in place. This allows the Bedphones to shape their narrow wire fitting device to more or less the exact contours of each individual’s ears, so that you can barely feel they’re there even though the wire is attached snugly enough to provide decent fixing support for the ear phone.

The other key element is the construction of the ear piece itself. Dubs’ experiments have concluded that the most universally comfortable approach is to attach a soft piece of flat foam slightly bigger than a 20p coin to a slightly smaller backing ‘plate’. And again, this works a treat, moulding beautifully into our ear when sleeping directly on them. There’s absolutely nothing pressing uncomfortably against any of the sensitive cartilage that makes up your ear’s shape.

The last thing to add about the Bedphones rather inspired design is that while they fit comfortably within the folds of your ear, they don’t grab on so tight or squeeze so deeply into your ears that they start to make you feel claustrophobic.

It should be stressed that the Bedphones design is so specifically tailored to bed use that they wouldn’t really make a very practical set of ‘every day’ headphones. But this is fair enough so far as we’re concerned, given their affordability and the fact that we consider them to be more a ‘health and well being’ product than a simple set of headphones.

There is one bit of bad news regarding the design, though, and that’s the fact that there’s still a cable between the headphones and your audio source. The cable used by the Bedphones is light and decently long at 1.5m (though another .5m would have been nice), but if you’re restless sleeper there’s clearly potential for the cable to get wrapped round your head or neck; tug the jack out of your audio source; or even drag your audio source on to the floor.

We realise it really wouldn’t have been realistic to expect the Bedphones to be wireless without compromising the rest of their design, especially when they only cost £27. But it’s still a simple fact that for us, no set of bedtime headphones will ever be truly perfect until they don’t have a cable.