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And while I’m moaning, there are some odd design decisions in place. One map, Iron Gator, seemed a disaster every time I played it. It sees MEC Special Forces attacking a carrier full of heavily armed Navy Seals. No prizes for guessing who always seems to have the upper hand. I’m sure there’s a trick that stops this map being a waste of time, but neither I nor my MEC comrades seemed to have a clue what that might be. It was also a little mean to put such a limited battery on the night vision goggles. When they’re practically essential for survival, they leave you feeling horribly vulnerable during the recharge period.

In the end, however, Special Forces’ biggest problem – and greatest asset – is the same as standard Battlefield 2: even an expanded toybox is only as good as the people you share it with. Now, the overall standard of play has improved dramatically since Battlefield 2 was launched, and on a great server, with squads in place and teams pulling together, Special Forces is an unforgettable experience. Even without that level of organisation, it can be an awful lot of fun – if anything, the new maps and infantry-based combat style suit the lone wolf mentality better than the larger, more open maps of the original set. However, the bastards who camp at spawn points are still there, you will still find maps where helicopters and artillery make your life a constant misery, and there are still plenty of chimps who – on a map where the only way into battle is across a stretch of water – grab the one boat, ignore potential passengers, and just rush off into action. If more of these people played with microphone headsets, they would be able to enjoy the sound of their comrades’ teeth grinding…

So I can’t say that this is a must-have, absolutely essential expansion pack. In the unlikely event that you’re bored of Battlefield 2, Special Forces won’t reignite your interest, and if you’re already stupidly addicted to Battlefield 2, then you won’t need these revamped kits, new maps and vehicles to hold your interest. That doesn’t mean it’s a pointless expansion, though. The new maps are brilliant, the new vehicles are fun and the kits and capabilities have real potential. UK players will love it, if only to have a few more British voices in the game – hats off for the SAS accents, boys – and a little less US Marine gung-ho nonsense. Maybe these forces aren’t as special as they might have been, but the new toys on offer are definitely worth adding to the box.


A solid selection of accessories that won’t change the way you play Battlefield 2, but will enhance the experience if you want some new toys.