Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi Review - Screen, Sound, Performance and Verdict Review


Asus Transformer Book Chi T300 – Screen

On paper the T300’s 12in

screen should be one of its strong points as it has a whopping 2560 x

1440 pixel resolution and uses a viewing angle-friendly IPS LCD panel.

And it largely delivers.

It’s immediately clear just how bright

this display can get and its colours feel punchy yet accurate. Sure

enough, firing up our X-rite i1 colorimeter showed this display is

dazzlingly bright, delivering up to 366nits while still achieving a

0.33nits black level, making for an excellent contrast score of 1318:1 –

on par with the Asus UX305 and only trailing the Dell XPS 13 2015 amongst thin and light laptops.


space coverage is also very high with 97.9% sRGB coverage, while colour

temperature is spot on (6605K – the ideal being 6500K) and its Delta E

of 3.3 is perfectly decent.

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Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi


resolution is impressive too, though as ever it’s somewhat impractical

on a machine running Windows, as the operating system is still not all

that great at handling very high DPI displays. Programs regularly either

look too small, pixelated or some horrible combination of both.


big let-down, however, is backlight bleed. It’s obvious from the moment

you turn the thing on and is a regular distraction, particularly if

you’re watching a movie with black bars above and below the picture. It

really is saying something when it’s as obvious as it is on our pictures

below – it’s often very difficult to capture these visual artefacts but

here the bright halo round the edge of the screen is obvious.


test images also demonstrate the other obvious problem with most

touchscreen devices, which is reflections. It would be harsh to single

out the T300 too much for this as all tablets have the same issue but

when compared to the matte, non-touch screens of competing ultrabooks

such as the UX305, it’s something to think about.

Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi

Asus Transformer Book Chi T300 – Sound Quality


T300 is the sort of device that’s meant to spend most of its life in a

landscape orientation and as such Asus has put a speaker on both its

short sides, for stereo sound. We’re always happy to see this feature as

it does add a surprising amount of depth to whatever you’re listening


Of course the overall sound quality is still pretty mediocre

and you’ll want to employ headphones or a Bluetooth speaker whenever

possible but for casual listening in quiet environments they’re up to

the job.

Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi

Asus Transformer Book Chi T300 – Keyboard and Trackpad


our concerns about the wireless nature of this keyboard and trackpad

dock the actual performance of both is very good. The keyboard is

spacious and well laid out, with all the usual extra function keys you’d

expect on a laptop also present and correct – no need to jump into

Windows menus to adjust the brightness.

The key action is also

surprisingly good, with a nice defined break and good amount of travel.

In fact we preferred typing on this over the Dell XPS 13 2015.

Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi


same praise can’t be lavished on the T300’s trackpad. The surface is

lovely and smooth, the tracking surprisingly quick and accurate and the

single-click surface is responsive. However, it is a little cramped, and

doesn’t have quite the immediacy of a non-wireless version.


it is a regular bugbear that when the keyboard dock goes into standby

it takes a moment to power up before it will then fire up the tablet


Asus Transformer Book Chi T300 – Performance

As alluded to

earlier, one area where the T300 wants for little is in performance.

Although its Intel Core M processor is slow compared to Core i5 and Core

i7 chips in premium Ultrabooks, it is still enough that Apple has chosen

to use it in its latest MacBook.

Sure enough, for day-to-day

tasks it zips along nicely. It will get a little choppy earlier

than those faster processors – for instance you might have to run fewer

tabs in your browser to keep things running smoothly – but

generally it’s only more demanding tasks that it struggles with, such as

photo or video editing. In other words it’s clearly a consumer rather

than work tool.

Reflecting this, the raw CPU speed benchmark

Cinebench R15 returned a score of 195, which compares to 267 for the

Lenovo X1 Carbon
. Meanwhile in PCMark 7 it scored 4413 compared to 4879

for the Lenovo.

Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi


performance was actually a little better than we expected, returning

15.2fps in our Unigine Heaven benchmark. However this is still a machine

that will only be suitable for less demanding, older 3D games.

Asus Transformer Book Chi T300 – Heat and Noise


to its use of an Intel Core M processor this machine can be passively

cooled, which means no whirring fans. It also means it doesn’t

get remotely hot to the touch. However we did encounter problems trying

to actually record a CPU temperature with the machine hanging whenever

we ran our 100% CPU load tests.

Asus Transformer Book Chi T300 – Battery Life


highlighting the compromises inherent to this new design of the

Transformer, the T300 struggles when it comes to battery life.


our standard PowerMark test running a loop of 10 mins of web browsing

and 5 mins of video, the T300 could only last 5 hours and 37mins at a

brightness of 152nits (about 40% brightness).

This compares to

6:46 for the smaller T100 and well in excess of 10 hours for most

ultrabook laptop rivals, not to mention normal tablets running iOS and

Android also deliver in the region of 10 hours.

It really is a poor result.

Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi

Should I buy the Asus Transformer Book Chi T300?


a lot to like about the T300, including its impressively sleek and

stylish design and surprisingly capable performance for such a slim


However, it’s just let down by too many fundamental

problems. Performance-wise, the screen backlight bleed is distracting

and the battery life is poor. These alone would seriously harm this

device’s appeal but then there’s the overall problem of the device just

not quite making sense as a whole.

It all comes back to the

fundamental idea of moving away from the original Transformer concept of

taking a tablet and comprehensively ‘upgrading’ it by adding a keyboard

dock that includes extra batteries and connectivity. With that concept

you can just take the tablet for casual use or bring along the keyboard

for longer journeys or when you’ve got to work.

Instead the T300

ditches the extra batteries and keeps all the connectivity on the

tablet, making for a device that is larger yet hardly more capable than a

conventional tablet yet has neither the battery life nor features to

compete with a laptop.

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Asus Transformer Book Chi T300 is an intriguing and stylish take on the

Windows laptop hybrid. However, poor battery life, some issues with the

screen and some fundamental problems with the whole 2-in-1 design

approach means it falls well short of convincing as either a tablet, a

laptop or something in between.


Score in detail

  • Performance 8
  • Keyboard 8
  • Design 8
  • Screen Quality 6
  • Build Quality 9
  • Value 6
  • Touchpad 7
  • Features 5
  • Heat & Noise 9
  • Battery Life 6