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More important to gamers are the clock speeds of the GPU and memory and you might have thought that Asus would run the EN7800GT Top Silent at no more than stock speeds. However, this is not the case – showing just how good the SilentCool technology really is the EN7800GT Top Silent is overclocked. The GPU is only modestly overclocked at 420MHz, but the memory – which coincidentally happens to be 1.6ns compared to 2.0ns on most 7800GT cards – is clocked at 1.24GHz, that’s 240MHz over stock speeds.

The software bundle is also quite impressive with a copy of King Kong – based on the new movie by Peter Jackson – two triple packs of some budget games, Asus DVD player, CyberLink PowerDirector 3DE and finally CyberLink Media@Show SE 2.0. You also get a fake leather case to keep all the discs in.

As you might already have guessed from the specifications the EN7800GT Top Silent this is a rather fast card. It might not compare to the GTX’s or the latest X1900 cards, but then again neither of those are passively cooled. 131.2fps in Doom 3 at 1,024 x 768 is in itself quite impressive but the EN7800GT Top Silent scores 107.78fps in Half Life 2 and 102.8fps in Far Cry at the same resolution. Asus has definitely managed to squeeze a lot of performance out of this card.

It’s only in F.E.A.R. that it doesn’t manage to break the 100fps barrier, but this is an extremely demanding game. Considering that the EN7800GT Top Silent was tested using an AMD FX-57 processor and 2GB of Corsair XMS Xpert PC3500 memory, you might not hit these numbers on your PC. I doubt most people would be disappointed with the performance of the EN7800GT Top Silent regardless of their computer.

There’s really only one disappointing part and that is the price. The EN7800GT Top Silent costs £296.39 which is quite a steep premium to pay for silence. This makes it the second most expensive 7800GT card bar Asus’ own ASUS Extreme Dual N7800GT, but that one is using two GPUs. You can actually pick up a 256MB 7800GTX for about the same money. This card isn’t for everyone, but if you want to build a low noise gaming computer, this is the best compromise in terms of noise and performance.


The Asus EN7800GT Top Silent is a great graphics card for anoyone looking for good performance without the added noise that’s usually associated with it. There is a price premium to pay and as you can get a 7800GTX for the same money, which would offer more performance, but Asus is still likely to entice many buyers to this passively cooled card.

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