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The graphics card is unlikely to disappoint anyone – it’s a GeForce 6800GT PCI Express. Armari will be supplying MSI cards in the production machines, although this review system came with a reference board from nVidia. The graphics card is connected to an Iiyama ProLite E481S-B 19in TFT display, sporting a resolution of 1,280 x 1,024, complete with both DVI and D-SUB inputs. Some gamers might be put off by its 25ms response time, but there where no signs of ghosting in any of the 3D benchmarks.

Instead of your average budget mouse and keyboard, Armari has included a Logitech Internet Navigator keyboard and a Logitech MX 310 optical mouse. As I mentioned at the beginning of the review, Armari employs impressive attention to detail and the case was fitted with noise dampening material and a low noise Akasa PaxPower PSU. There is however one nagging issue, the CPU fan – strangely, Armari stuck with the Intel stock cooler, which made more noise than any of the other components in the PC all together, but this is hopefully something that will be rectified on customer machines.

Armari doesn’t supply any software with the T900-GT apart from a copy of Windows XP Home Edition. Although this might be seen as stingy, the asking price is already quite high for the T900-GT and any additional software would have increased the price even more.

This takes us swiftly onto the benchmarks and there is indeed very little to complain about here with a SYSmark 2004 score of 207 and some pretty good numbers in PCMark 2004 as well, not least the hard drive score at 7230 which is very impressive indeed. The 3D benchmarks are pretty much as expected for a 6800GT and as this system is targeting gamers we ran Far Cry and Doom3 in addition to our normal 3D benchmarks, both of which it handled with aplomb.

It is never easy to sum up a system like this, as it has more features than most PC user would ever need. The downfall, as always with an Armari PC, is the sky high price. That said, at least this time around Armari has managed to piece together a whole system for £2,299inc VAT, as opposed to the last Armari we looked at which cost that much without a monitor. This is about twice the price of a decent PC, but decent isn’t good enough for Armari, and its customers expect something special and are generally willing to pay for it.

Taking into account all of the new technology in the T900-GT on top of the build quality (I don’t know of any PC manufacturer with tidier cable routing than Armari), and the top notch performance, it’s hard not to love this system even considering the high price. The CPU cooler needs to be sorted out, but knowing Armari this has probably already been addressed.


The Armari T900-GT is an excellent PC with a lot of brand new technology. The price may be high, but if you can stump up the cash, you’ll have a beautifully built machine, made up of some of the best components available.