iPhone 4S - iCloud, Apps and Battery Life Review


Another service that isn’t unique to the iPhone 4S but came with its iOS5 software is iCloud. It enables you to backup contacts, calendar entries, camera roll pictures and more to an online storage space. Once there you can sync this data across multiple iOS devices. It’s all done automatically over Wi-Fi and is really easy to setup.

Apple iPhone 4S 4

One of the most useful aspects is being able to view photos from your phone’s camera roll online. Annoyingly, you can’t manage your photos from the web portal but you can clear them out, so if it’s getting too full up you can purge it.

Something else that probably could do with a clear out every once in a while is your collection of apps, especially if you already own an iPhone. While the iPhone 4S itself doesn’t bring anything new to the application table, it benefits from easily the most highly populated and diverse app selection going with around 500,000 apps compared to 250,000 on Android and 30,000 on Windows Phone.

Apart from a very few exceptions, new apps tend to debut on iOS too. So if you’re always looking for the latest gaming craze, an iPhone is the best platform to get your fix quick. Some of the apps are genuinely impressive in their scope and presentation as well. But, this isn’t the time or place to start delving too deep into the multi-textured soup that is the iPhone’s app selection. Suffice to say the iPhone 4S makes up for many of the things it lacks by offering apps that other platforms simply can’t.

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One potential downside of cramming your phone with apps is finding your battery is sucked dry in double-quick time. Thankfully, though, this isn’t the case on the iPhone 4S – apps won’t secretly whirr away in the background. That said, iOS5 does seem to have had a negative effect on battery life, with our iPhone 4 dropping from lasting easily for a day and a half to struggling to last through the night. The iPhone 4S puts in a similar performance.

We’re quite sure there must be one setting or another somewhere that should bring this back in line with previous battery life but we’ve not found it yet. You can turn off most automatic updates and Wi-Fi to help extend life (though you can’t now manually turn off 3G) but there must be a better compromise than this. Either way, battery life isn’t amazing but is on par with most peers.