Anomaly Warzone Earth iPhone Game Review

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Every popular fad is met with a backlash, just as every “en vogue” game genre will eventually become oversaturated. This is what has happened to the tower defence genre, one of the early popular game types of the App Store’s reign.

Anomaly Warzone Earth’s makers realised this and decided to do something about it – by turning the genre on its head. In other TD games, you play the role of defender, blasting the invading waves of foes before they reach your base. Yawn, right? Here, you’re the invader, carefully planning your attacks to break through the enemy towers’ firepower. Apple thought the idea was so neat that it awarded the game with a Design Award.
Anomaly Warzone Earth
It has more than just a neat premise too. Visuals are fab, with full 3D levels and some fantastic effects including real-time shadows. Most importantly, it’s great fun and just as addictive as tower defence games used to be – before we all got completely sick of them. Thankfully, this odd little reverse-TD subgenre has yet to be ruined by scores of half-hearted also-rans.


A genial take on the tired tower defence genre, Anomaly Warzone Earth is clever, pretty and loads of fun. Like the perfect date.