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During our testing we plugged the FX-60 into five different Socket 939 motherboards and it ran perfectly on four of them. This was three weeks before the processor was released so it is highly unlikely that the BIOS revisions were specific to the processor. The motherboard that gave problems was a Micro-ATX model with integrated graphics which is highly unlikely to be used in conjunction with an FX-60 in the real world.

We also ran the FX-60 with a selection of memory (Corsair XMS 3200, Kingston KHX4000, Kingston KHX4300 and Buffalo Firestix FSX500DV) to see if there were any obvious compatibility problems but the FX-60 behaved itself perfectly. Common sense says that the two 2.6GHz cores in the FX-60 will be more effective than the single 2.8GHz core in the FX-57 but the 200MHz drop in core speed leaves a small question mark hanging over the FX60 that can only be resolved by a few tests.


For our tests we used the Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard with Forceware 6.82 drivers, a Radeon X850XT graphics card with Catalyst 5.12 drivers, a WD740 Raptor hard drive and 1GB of Kingston KHX4300 memory. We installed Windows XP SP2 and ran 3DMark05, PCMark05, POV-Ray and a homebrewed test where we encoded an hour of a TV show into MPEG2.