Alienware Aurora 7500 – Mega Gaming PC - Alienware Aurora 7500 Review

As is usually the case with Alienware, the build quality is exemplary. All the cabling from the 600W Enermax power supply is routed pristinely, with no loose or errant cables spoiling the view when you rip the side off the case. The SATA cables for the hard disks are also routed cleanly, with excess cable length folded tidily out of sight – other PC manufacturers could learn a lot about build quality just by looking inside the Aurora 7500. If there’s one issue with the build of the Aurora 7500 it’s the actual system case – although the classic Alienware tower still looks pretty good, it is getting abit long in the tooth now. Perhaps a replacement case built from aluminium instead of plastic would inject a new lease of life into Alienware systems. That said, the blue lights behind the grille at the front and the glowing blue eyes in the alien head do look good with the lights down.

It’s also worth mentioning that the front, lockable door on the case also seems to help keep the system noise down. There are four front mounted USB 2.0 ports at the bottom, which are quite useful – of course if you place the tower on the floor they will be tricky to get to. I would also like to see some front mounted audio ports on the new Alienware system case when/if it arrives.

Alienware continues its slightly odd tradition of shipping a mix of Logitech and Microsoft input components. The Alienware branded Microsoft mouse looks good, finished in metallic blue – I actually find Microsoft mice to be too large, but I know many people who find that they fit their paws perfectly. The Logitech keyboard is a basic affair and it looks a bit dull finished in matt black compared to the bright blue system case and mouse. Personally I prefer Microsoft keyboards and Logitech mice, but you can’t please everyone.