Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 - Extras, Improvements and Verdict Review


Adobe has been taking the suite approach for years now, and with CS5 this extends even further towards a selection of online services available via CS Live. These include the general CS Review, BrowserLab, and SiteCatlayst NetAverages, and also the new Adobe Story screenwriting tool. This uses Adobe AIR and must be downloaded from the website prior to usage as it’s not included on the installation discs. It can import files from Final Draft and Movie Magic, but also offers capable screenwriting facilities in its own right.
(centre)”’Adobe Story, available via the Live online services, integrates scripting with scene tagging in OnLocation

and dialogue recognition in Premiere Pro for more powerful clip organisation.”’(/centre)

Most importantly, Adobe Story supports industry-standard tags, which can be imported into OnLocation for use when organising live video capture. The script is included as metadata as well, so each shot will have the associated dialogue included. This can then be used to enhance the accuracy of voice recognition, which was added in CS4 but didn’t entirely impress. When it’s working, this will provide the facility to search for a phrase as text and find the associated point in your video clips.

The final significant improvement is to the Media Encoder, which is faster at loading Premiere Pro and After Effects projects. It now displays information about source footage and output settings. The Automatic mode will match parameters for H.264 and MPEG-2 DVD and Blu-ray output from the TV Standard, Frame Rate, Field Order and Pixel Aspect ratio of the source, and set bit rate based on frame dimensions. The Interpret Footage option from Premiere Pro CS5 is also now available, allowing you to avoid interpolation by, for example, forcing PAL-region video to be interpreted as 24fps, or vice versa. You also no longer need to use the Media Encoder just to grab a frame of video, as there is now a button in the Source and Program preview windows allowing rapid bitmap exportation.


Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 is a huge leap forward. Give it a decent quad-core processor, plenty of RAM and one of Nvidia’s supported graphics cards and the editing experience will be smoother than any PC platform yet. We’ve been using it to edit our video reviews for a few weeks and found it remarkably stable as well. It’s a must-have upgrade for existing Premiere Pro users, with the necessity of relinquishing the 32-bit environment our only caveat. This may well be the version of Premiere Pro that lures a few die-hards away from the competition, too.


Score in detail

  • Features 10
  • Value 8
  • Performance 10
  • Design 10