Adobe Premiere Pro - Conclusion



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To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Premiere Pro, as Adobe’s recent history suggested that we’d see more of an updated product rather than a complete overhaul. Instead, what I’ve found is a massively improved piece of software and I haven’t even mentioned the native YUV colour processing, or the improved audio support, but it should be enough to say that I hold Premiere Pro as being one of the best NLEs in its target market. The only ‘but’ here is the competition. While Pinnacle Liquid Edition is nowhere near as approachable or refined, it has a similar level of feature complexity, and provides a fully-fledged DVD authoring tool for less money.

That said, I’m sure that Premiere Pro’s interface and workflow tools alone would soon justify spending the extra cash, as they’ll reduce the training overhead, increase the speed at which you work, and allow you to find the arrangement that suits you best.

Premiere Pro is an excellent product that will improve Premiere’s standing in the professional community. Existing users should upgrade straight away, but budget buyers may want to consider the less expensive Pinnacle Liquid Edition before deciding.



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  • Value 9
  • Features 9
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