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The two-way, reflex-loaded Compact One features new drivers – a 100mm paper cone bass/mid driver and a 28mm fabric dome tweeter. The former has been tuned to offer ‘sweet midrange and tightly controlled low frequency response’ and sports AE’s signature conical dust cap, which is practical and funky. The frequency range is quoted as 65Hz up to 28kHz, with peak power handling at 100W and a 88dB sensitivity.

Acoustic Energy Compact Neo 6.1

As for the Neo Sub, it’s a closed box design with a 200W amplifier, 220mm pulp cone driver, 48mm thermally bonded voice coil and a high-power long-throw magnet system.

Acoustic Energy Compact Neo 6.1

The rear panel controls go beyond what you’d normally expect. As well as the usual Volume, Crossover and Phase controls you’ll find dials controlling Notch Frequency, Notch Slope and Notch Level, which allow you to apply a notch filter to the sub’s output and correct problems with resonance in the listening room. The three dials respectively control the centre frequency, sharpness and depth of the filter.

Acoustic Energy Compact Neo 6.1

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