Acoustic Energy AE29-06C Bluetooth Speaker System - Acoustic Energy AE29-06C Bluetooth Speaker Sy



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For the sake of consistency all these tests were made using the line-in, but the main attraction to these speakers is the Bluetooth connectivity. Just like the Parrot Boombox, Acoustic Energy’s Bluetooth speakers require devices that support the A2DP audio streaming profile – a list of which can be found here.

To open up the speakers to a connection one must hold down the connection button for eight seconds, and then search for the speakers entering ‘8888’ as the PIN. It’s all fairly straightforward; though one must make sure you disconnect any wired connection before trying to use Bluetooth.

Sound quality over Bluetooth is decent enough, though there will also was be an element of quality loss. One area where the Acoustic Energy set trumpeted the Parrot Boombox was in Bluetooth range. Where the Boombox struggled to manage five metres or so, the Acoustic Energy speakers didn’t stutter at all within the ten metre “theoretical” range in open areas.


Despite a rather low power output, the Acoustic Energy Bluetooth Speaker System is a competent wireless audio solution. High and mid-range production is good, but the lack of powerful bass means there’s a lack of warmth and balance to the sound. If you want Bluetooth speakers, but think the Parrot Boombox is a tad too chunky, then these will do nicely, but the Parrot Boombox would still be the preferred choice if you can afford the extra fifty or so pounds.


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  • Value 7
  • Features 7