The TrustedReviews Christmas Wishlist

Every year around this time, we at TrustedReviews huddle together

around a roaring fire with a plate of home-made mince pies and a glass


two of finest Whisky to discuss each of the techy gadgets we’d most like

to be given for Christmas. Ok, some of that situation may have a hint of

festive poetic license, but what is true is that every year each of us

has a – sometimes long – list of tech that we were particularly sad to

see leave Trusted towers, and this is our little way of letting the

world know.

So, we’ve each picked our top three tech treats, and

as per tradition, we’ve kept two of our picks things we might actually

end up buying one day, while the last is a pie in the sky, money no

object, “if I won the lottery” selection.

What’s your most-wanted bit of gadgety goodness? Drop us your thoughts in the comments.

Evan Kypreos 

Editor and veteran geek

pics 4Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – full review
I’m a bit scared of Samsung’s behemoth to be honest. I’m not sure I

would be able to use one on a day-to-day basis as a normal phone having

been so used to normal-sized smartphones.

I did use the Note 2 briefly, though, and it seemed to do everything I’d

want from a phone and tablet. The idea of never having to carry a

notebook, or even a laptop, around with me makes me wonder whether the

Note 2 is the pinnacle of convergence or whether, in fact, it’s more of a

Swiss army knife, yes you can use the little saw to cut a branch, but 5

minutes into it you’ll wish you had brought an axe.

Brand spanking new PC
It has been a good three or four years since I built my last gaming

PC and I am gagging for an upgrade. I’m going to geek out a bit here,

but I want an ultra-quiet system with a superfast processor and SSD. I’m

still undecided on which graphics card to splurge on, but an SLI or

Crossfire configuration would have to be considered. Having it

complemented with a nice 27-inch 3D monitor would be the icing on the

cake. Gaming bliss.

BlackTrail BT-01
Money no object, they told me for this final pick. So I’ve decided

to put a £50,000 bicycle as my third Christmas wishlist gift. The

BlackTrail BT-01 is obviously no ordinary bike. Weighing just 20kgs it

packs a 1.2 kilowatt motor in its frame which lets riders get up to

65mph and travel up to 120 miles on just one charge. What I like most

about it though is its Iron Sky-meets-Tron styling. 

Sennheiser Orpheus 4

Edward Chester

Deputy editor, fan of heavy metal… and gardening

Ed ChesteriPad mini – full review

me a fan boy if you will but the iPad mini truly is a lovely device.

It’s slimmer, lighter and better built than most small-screen tablets

yet it has a larger screen and better battery life – it truly is a thing

of beauty.

I’ve never considered actually buying a full-size

iPad but the iPad mini is finally tempting me to blow this year’s

Christmas bonus all at once… What’s that? No Christmas bonuses this

year? Bah humbug.

Panasonic GH3 – full review
I’ve been a fan of the Panasonic G-series of cameras ever since the Panasonic G1

pioneered the compact interchangeable lens camera. Smaller and lighter

than an SLR but with much of the versatility, they’re excellent choices

for those looking to step up to the next level of photography without

too much bulk and expense.

And, with my Panasonic G2 now out of action due to an unfortunate incident that ended with a smashed screen, the Panasonic GH3 is my upgrade of choice.

Angry birds ATAT walker

our third wishlist choice is reserved for something wild and wacky –

something we could probably never afford. But, this year, I clapped eyes

on something rather more modest and it won me over.

The Angry Birds AT AT walker is a physical embodiment of the game Angry Birds Star Wars,

comprising a piggy-filled ATAT walker that you have to knock over with

catapulted birdies. A heinous brand tie-in it may be, but it also looks

like jolly good fun.

Sennheiser Orpheus 8

Ardjuna Seghers

Reviews editor, has more games consoles than a GAME store

pics 3Panasonic GH3 with 12-35mm lensfull review

the first micro-four-thirds camera on the market and one that’s

completely incapable of recording video, my poor old Panasonic Lumix G1

is long overdue for a replacement.

Arguably the best and most versatile

compact system camera on the market, the Panasonic GH3 is stuffed to the

brim with features.

It offers a weatherproof body, uses a

sensor that’s good for shooting up to ISO 3200, records broadcast

quality 52Mbps 1080p video with audio monitoring out of the box, comes

with a superbly responsive and high-res electronic viewfinder, and an

equally lovely swivel screen for all those awkward angle shots. Oh, and

the screen offers such superb functions as touch-to-focus too.


with the new weatherproofed F2.8 12-35 (24-70)mm lens which gives a

fast wide-angle zoom, it makes for a lethal bit of kit for photography

and video work.

Samsung ATIV Smart PCpreview

love convertible laptop/tablets – especially the ones that come apart,

as this form gives you the best of both worlds and usually doubles the

battery power of the tablet part.

I want my next convertible to be a

Windows 8 X86 machine simply because of the compatibility and

versatility which neither Android nor iOS can come close to matching.


also want it to have a Wacom stylus, as I want to be able to do a bit

of sketching and drawing while out and about. This leaves me with two

main choices, the Asus Vivo Tab or the Samsung ATIV. I’m provisionally

going with the ATIV because it has a stylus slot and the tablet part

offers a full-size USB port.

Though the Atom processors at the

heart of these beasties will doubtless leave me frustrated, the 16 hours

plus of battery life are pretty cool, and I hope it can fulfil all my

mobile productivity and non-gaming entertainment needs.

55-inch OLED TV

am a screen snob, and though I love my Panasonic plasma TV to bits,

it’s heavy, noisy (yes, it’s so thin it needs cooling fans) prone to

plasma noise, and not exactly easy on the energy bills.

OLED has the

potential to be the ultimate display technology, with its virtually

infinite contrast ratio, flawless viewing angles, lightning-fast

response times, rich colours, and no annoying artefacts of any kind. Oh,

it’s also supremely thin and light, and uses less power than an old

light bulb. Imagine being able to lift a 55-inch TV with one hand…


best part is that both LG and Samsung will be bringing out models in

exactly that size early next year. The only downside? They’re a touch

on the expensive side, to the tune of around £7,000 if we’re lucky. So

no I won’t be buying one anytime soon but heck yes do I want one – and

while I’m wishing, I want an 80-inch 4K model.

Sennheiser Orpheus 7

Luke Johnson

News editor, vodka luge specialist

pics 1Striiiipes iPad mini case

hand crafted in Paris, the luxurious Striiiipes iPad mini case protects

your 7.9-inch Apple tablet, covering one stunningly designed product

with another of equal aesthetic appeal.

Keeping your Google Nexus

7 rival safe for everyday knocks and bumps, the suedette envelope is

simple and elegant with the reinforced outer hiding a cushioned, striped

cotton lining that helps prevent scratches. Designed with an old

fashioned memo envelope firmly in mind, the Striiiipes iPad mini case is

sealed shut with a white cotton string.

Available in four

vibrant colours, the iPad mini case is suitable for all tastes with

blue, green, pink and yellow options up for grabs.
Nike Hyperdunk Sport Pack

more than a simple pair of trainers, the latest addition to the Nike

tech infused fitness range sees your basketball session brought to life

with a shot that measure your movements be they forward, backwards,

sideways or even up in the air.

Allowing you to track your

personal performances are share your results through the expansive Nike

ecosystem, the Hyperdunk counts your steps per second, distances

covered, number of jumps and, most impressive, your jump heights.


more, thanks to Nike iD you can customise the shoe to your tastes,

mixing up the colour schemes and even tagging it with your name or


Renault Twizzy
Making the Smart Car look like

it’s been gorging on the festive puddings, the Renault Twizzy is the

world’s first urban compact two-seater car that ditches fossil fuels for

a fully electric motor.

A futuristic looking little city runner

the Twizzy, which is available in three trim levels – Urban, Colour and

Technic, sees a tandem seating set up put the passenger in line with and

directly behind the driver helping keep the pod-esque vehicle as small

as possible.

With a 50mph top speed the Renault Twizzy is far

from the zippiest car on the road but that’s not its purpose. With a 60

mile range on a single charge the Twizzy will handle many people’s

commutes for the week and all for a cost of just 2.5p per mile.

Sennheiser Orpheus 6

Andrew Williams

Features editor, headphone ponce

picsiPad minifull review

recently, I slung my trusty iPad 2 onto eBay. And I did it because of a

mild infatuation with Apple’s dinky new tablet. Maybe it’s just my

weakling arms at work, but it’s so light and so well-made that it’s the

sort of device you miss holding when it’s chucked in your bag.


only things that stopped me ditching the old dear earlier were the

strange attachment I have formed with the gloriously horsey Pipetto iPad

case, and the hours I’ve spent fruitlessly building up my city in Clash

of Clans. But the draw of the iPad mini was just too strong.

So, errr, if you fancy an iPad 2 in rather good nick, why not have a search for mine on ole eBay? Sadly,

I don’t think anyone loves me enough to actually buy me a new iPad mini

this Christmas. Someone bring out the world’s smallest violin…

FujiFilm X100 – full review

FujiFilm X100 is getting on a bit now, and has even been trumped by

Fuji’s own new X-pro1. However, there’s something entirely loveable

about this cute retro camera. It’s so pure, so streamlined in its

approach that its appeal is greater than the more advanced and flexible


There’s no zoom on this baby, and you can’t change the

lens. But the one on there is really quite fantastic. It forces you to

change the way you approach photography too, making you run about a good

deal more, rather than just nudging that zoom flicker.


me, it’ll probably spend half the year gathering dust, but having got to

borrow an X100 for a recent trip to Rome, the times it will get used

make that chunk of change worth spending.

Sennheiser Orpheus headphones

are headphones that I’d almost rather experience and have taken away

than being allowed to own the things. The paranoia of possible

burglaries, fires and rogue Wimbledon earthquakes that might do these

£10k headphones in would be too much to bear. But – who wouldn’t want to

see what a pair of cans this expensive sound like?

They safely

reside in bonkers territory, naturally, but it’s always nice to have

one’s mind blown every now and then. They are actually a resurrected

take on a pair of headphones Sennheiser used to make, decades ago. And

they come paired with a gigantic amp that looks like something from the

original Battlestar Gallactica TV show. Nice.

Sennheiser Orpheus 5

So now you know our Christmas wishlists, why don’t you tell us yours.

Happy Christmas!