Jargon Buster

  1. Gamepad

    A device, held in both hands, that is used to control video games.

  2. Games console

    A computer designed primarily for playing video games, and which connects to a television.

  3. Gamma correction

    Correcting the overall brightness of an image.

  4. GB

    Gigabyte. A measure of storage capacity, often used for memory and hard disks. 1GB is equal to 1,024MB (Megabytes).

  5. Gbits/sec

    Gigabits per second. A measure of data transfer speed.

  6. Gedcom

    Short for Genealogical Data Communication. A file format used by genealogy programs to share data.

  7. General Protection Fault

    A serious error that will cause the program to crash.

  8. GHz

    Gigahertz. A measure of how many instructions a chip can process per second. 1GHz is equal to 1,000MHz.

  9. GIF

    Grahics Interchange Format. A type of image file often used on the web, but now largely superseded by PNG.

  10. Gigabit Ethernet

    A very fast networking standard that can transfer data at up to 1,000Mbits/sec.

  11. GM

    General Midi. A type of music file that should play on any Midi device.

  12. Google Checkout

    An online payment processing service like Paypal but provided by Google. Also used on Android mobile phones.

  13. GPRS

    General Packet Radio Service. A type of mobile phone internet connection that’s not as quick as 3G or HSDPA.

  14. GPS

    Global Positioning System. Uses a network of satellites to determine the position of a device. Also commonly used to refer to devices that use GPS to provide driving directions.

  15. GPU

    Graphics Processor Unit. A chip designed to create 3D graphics, but which can also be used for other computing tasks.

  16. Gradient

    In an image-editing program a gradient is a gradual transition from one colour or pattern to another.

  17. Graphics card

    A component in a computer that produces the image shown on the monitor.

  18. Graphics processor

    A chip designed to create 3D graphics, but which can also be used for other computing tasks.

  19. Graphics tablet

    An alternative to a mouse designed for graphics work. The tablet is a flat surface onto which you can draw with a special pen.

  20. GSM

    Global System for Mobile Communications. The system for digital mobile phones used in the UK and Europe.

  21. GUI

    Graphical User Interface. Any system that allows users to interact with a computer using images on screen. Windows uses a GUI.

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