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Jargon Buster

  1. Lan

    Local-area network. A computer network in one place, such as a home or office.

  2. Laser printer

    A type of printer that creates documents rapidly using a laser beam and powdered ink called toner.

  3. Launch

    To start a program.

  4. Layers

    Image-editing programs allow users to create multiple layers. Think of these like layers of glass stacked on top of the canvas, which can be drawn on, re-ordered or hidden.

  5. LCD

    Liquid-Crystal Display. The technology used to create almost all flat displays from digital watches to televisions.

  6. LED

    Light-Emitting Diode. An electronic device that emits light. Used on almost all electronic devices, and to provide the backlight for some LCDs.

  7. Legend

    A translation of the symbols or colours used in a graph.

  8. Licence

    The legal document detailing what you can do with a piece of software as its owner.

  9. Lightscribe

    A method for etching labels on the top of specially coated CDs or DVDs using the DVD writer itself.

  10. Li-Ion

    Lithium Ion. A type of rechargeable battery used in most laptops, mobile phones and digital cameras.

  11. Line-in

    An input on a computer or audio device that allows the user to connect any external audio source.

  12. Link

    Short for hyperlink: a word or object on a web page that, when clicked on, takes you to another page.

  13. Linux

    An operating system that can be freely used, distributed and modified by its users.

  14. Lithium Polymer

    An advanced type of rechargeable battery.

  15. Loop

    A sample of music that can be repeated to create part of a new song.

  16. LTE

    A short term for 3GPP Long Term Evolution, one standard for very fast transfer of data on mobile networks, produced by the 3rd Generation Partner Project. LTE could reach the UK by the end of 2012.

  17. Lumen

    A measure of brightness.

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