Jargon Buster

  1. KB

    Kilobytes. A measure of storage capacity. Equal to 1,024 bytes.

  2. Kbits/sec

    Kilobits per second. A measure of data transfer speed.

  3. Kerning

    Adjusting the distance between individual letters. Kerning can be performed manually or automatically in publishing tools.

  4. Keylogger

    A piece of malicious software that records all the letters and numbers typed on a PC in an effort to find passwords or other valuable information.

  5. Keyword

    A word in a document or web page that is of particular importance and can be used to search for it. Also used for the words typed into a search tool.

  6. KHz

    Kilohertz. In computer audio this refers to the number of samples per second taken when a sound was recorded. Audio CDs use 48KHz – 48,000 samples per second.

  7. Knowledgebase

    An online database of helpful information, often run by a software manufacturer to provide help and support.

  8. KVM

    A tool used to control several computers with one keyboard, mouse and monitor.

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