IFA 2011 Preview

Last year at IFA we were treated to our first view of

Samsung’s Tab, were surrounded by 3DTVs and saw more “connected TVs” than you

could shake a stick at.

This year’s IFA trade show is taking place in Berlin over the next

week or so and we are going to be on the ground bringing you all the latest hands-on

coverage of the latest technology to launch at the show.

Before we pack our Lederhosen and head for Germany however, we thought we would tantalise you with

a preview of the show and look at what we expect to see in Berlin this week.


As we’ve come to expect at major trade shows in the past two

years, new tablets are going to be among the most significant announcements at

IFA. While we will be seeing many identikit Android tablets from various manufacturers,

there are a couple which are whetting our appetite.

First up is the HTC Puccini (or HTC Jetstream as it will be known) which should make an

appearance at the show. The Puccini is the 10in follow-up to HTC’s first foray

into the tablet market with the (linkout;https://www.trustedreviews.com/htc-flyer_Laptop_review Flyer) earlier this year. Expected to have a

1.5GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and an 8 megapixel camera, this could put HTC

firmly on the tablet map.

While they’ve been officially launched for some time now,

Sony’s two tablets, the S1 and S2, should be available for some

hands on action, considering they are due to go on sale here in September.

Sony S1 S2 Tablet

As we said, Samsung announced the original Galaxy Tab at IFA

last year, and this year it will be bringing the updated version, called the

Galaxy Tab 7.7 – which will sit alongside the Tab 8.9 and Tab 10.1

Mobile Phones

While a lot of companies use Mobile World Congress as the

place for the European launch of their handsets, we do expect some new phones

to make an appearance at IFA.

Among the most hotly anticipated handsets to arrive in the

next couple of months will be the latest batch of WP7 phones running the Mango

update. Among those that could make an appearance at IFA include handsets from

HTC, Samsung and possibly even the long-awaited Nokia WP7 phone (though this is


Samsung WP7 handset

Samsung is also using the show to display a slew of new

Android phones – the W, Galaxy Y and Galaxy Y Pro – which it announced earlier this week. Nokia should be displaying the recent mid- to low-end Symbian handsets it

also announced this week – though of how much interest these will be is questionable.

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