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Head-to-Head Video: What’s the Best iPhone?

Since the first iPhone launched in 2007 Apple phones have revolutionised the smartphone market.

13 iPhones later, the iPhone 6S is the most advanced – but which had the most significant impact? Tom Honeyands (@thetechchap) and Max Parker (@parkermax) go Head-to-Head over which iPhone was best.


Recent iPhones are evolutionary rather than revolutionary – offering small, incremental upgrades. Not something you could say about the iPhone 3G. No only did it introduce third-generation mobile networks for faster downloads and web browsing, it also added the now ubiquitous App Store.

It wasn’t until the 3G launched in 2008 with the App Store that we had access to all the fantastic games and apps we continue to use today.

It’s not just about apps though, the iPhone 3G was half the price of the original in the US and a third the price in the UK. This made it available to the mainstream market and so for many people, myself included, the 3G was their first smartphone.


The iPhone 4 was the best iPhone. It’s still one of the best looking phones ever with it’s premium glass and metal design.

Next to the chunky plastic of the 3G, the iPhone 4 looks like a genuinely premium product. It’s not just the body that’s great looking either, the 4 also introduced the Retina Display which made the 3.5-inch screen incredibly sharp and crisp.

It’s faster, better looking, has an improved camera and is the refined product the 3G should have been. The iPhone 4 is, in my opinion, the most significant iPhone.

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What do you think?
Have Tom and Max got it all wrong? Should the slick diamond cut iPhone 5 be in the running or the svelte iPhone 6 and 6 Plus? What about the iPhone 5S and Touch ID?

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