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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 weapons guide

Know your Black Ops 3 kit inside out

Although long-term COD fans might be torn over their verdict on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, other players new and old are getting heavily involved.

To get a bit of a headstart, or to double check which weapons are best for you, then you might find our Black Ops 3 weapons guide helpful to have to hand.

This year’s COD entry features some old favourites, some fresh… faces? Heck, there’s even some ludicrous additions to fit the timeline and futuristic modding theme of Black Ops 3.

Basically, there’s a long, long list of weapons that you could have at your disposal this time around in Black Ops 3 multiplayer.
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The gentleman’s choice. These classic, stylish one handers will be your trusty sidekick as you wage war on the heinous folk online. A quick-switch from your main weapon to one of these classy guns will be sure to make you the envy of everyone on your server as you rack up the killstreaks.

Submachine guns

Ah yes, these. For many years the submachine gun has been regarded as the “scrubs” choice in a number of games. Decent fire rate, decent accuracy and range and very little recoil – these are often seen as requiring less “skill” than other weapons. In truth they’re a great entry weapon, but also have a high skill ceiling allowing the very best to dominate with this set of weapons.



Very little oozes the power that a shotgun does. Given the choice this is the weapon I will always go for. Left 4 Dead? Shotgun. Battlefield? Shotgun. Team Fortress 2? Well.. I play Scout but he has a shotgun too. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3? You better believe it’s going to be a shotgun. Devastatingly powerful in the right hands, these are the boomsticks that you’ll be carrying with you online.
KRM 262
KRM 262
Haymaker 12


Assault Rifles

Many of you will be asking why I didn’t delve into these first; after all, this is the category that most people will be choosing from, right? Actually the guys and girls at Treyarch have done an incredible job making the entire lineup this year pretty balanced meaning that any weapon class can be effective. Still; expect to see you a few people online rocking one of these.
Ark 7
Man O War
HVK 30


Machine Guns

Now. We’re. Talking. These are the Mr T of weapons. The Schwarzenegger of guns. If the machine gun were a meal it would be a full English breakfast washed down with a cup of builder’s tea. You’ll see people lugging these great hulks of metal around the battlefield – they might not be as accurate as some of the smaller weapons in the game, but these ones pack one hell of a punch.


Sniper Rifles

Prepare yourselves. I can already hear the clenching of internet fists, the grinding of teeth and slow boil of blood as temperatures start to rise. Sniper Rifles are here to stay in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The realm of the 420noscopez teenager is now in more detail than ever before. These are the cannons of death that you’ll be complaining about to your friends.


Here we are. The final, most destructive chapter of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 weapon tome. When the precision of the sniper rifle isn’t enough, the spray of the machine gun, the raw power of the shotgun and the style of the pistols aren’t enough to satisfy you – then maybe one of these two explosive powerhouses will do the trick?
Black Cell


The Knife

This gets its own section. You’ve seen the videos, you’ve seen the killstreaks, the 420 smash dubs infecting YouTube with hilarious commentary. Here’s the blade of death you’ll be humiliating your foes with this time around.

Lethal Equipment

Here’s the lethal gadgets you’ll be using. These are too cool, putting James Bond to shame, with a one line piece of advice from me on how to get the best out of them.
Frag Grenade
Cook these. You’re welcome.

Short fuse grenades that stick to stuff. Including people. (Available at rank 6)

Trip Mine
Triggers when people get near it – hide around corners to get the most amounts of hate mail. (Available at rank 17)

Incendiary grenade that burns for a short period. Use to blind suckers using night vision. (Available at rank 29)

Combat Axe
Throwing axe. Throwing. Axe. THROWING AXE. (Available at rank 41)

We had a good run. Expect to sneak up on many snipers only to be killed by this device that sounds when enemies are nearby.


Surprisingly there are some things in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 that aren’t lethal. They do, of course, make it much easier to kill people – let’s take a look.

Enemies hit by this will be disorientated and staggered even if on the edge of the blast.

Blinds and disorientates suckers unlucky enough to get in your way. (Available at rank 3)

Destroys or knocks out nearby electronic systems. (Available at rank 11)

Black Hat
These are used to hack other team’s equipment and scorestreaks. Expect me to be using a lot of these since I won’t have scorestreaks of my own. (Available at rank 23)

Smoke Screen
Hide your dirtiest deeds (or your escape) by laying one of these down in your wake. (Available at rank 35)

Trophy System
Intercepts and destroys enemy projectiles – your defence against people showing off with killstreaks. (Available at rank 43)

Stock Charge
Now we’re talking. It might require rank 47 but this is the one. Paralyzes nearby enemies. Sticks to surfaces. Amazing.

Now I know what you’re thinking; “That’s it?” No, friend, just calm down one second. There’s a little something called attachments that we need to run through, are you ready?


Recon Sight
Your bog standard scope with a bit of zoom.

Reflex Sight

A better view and a red dot. Unlocked at rank 2.

Shows heat signatures through smokes. This is the one.

Varix 3
You can switch between zoom levels on this one, most useful for people with bad eyesight like me.

Ballistics CPU
Steadies your sniper rifle to help while aiming.

Extended Mag
Exactly what it says on the tin.

Fast Mags

Faster weapon reload for better killstreak compilations.

Increases your weapon penetration power through surfaces.

Slightly reduces recoil.

High Caliber
Headshots do extra damage with this.

Laser Sight
Increased accuracy from pro-hip shots.

Long Barrel
Increases the damage over longer distances.


Aim down sights even faster.

Rapid Fire
Increased fire rate at a lower accuracy.

Move faster while aiming down sights.

Kill while silent.

There it is!

That’s your lot. Plenty of guns and a load of customisation. So many weapons of death, so many tools to help you along your way. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is out and I look forward to seeing you online (and probably losing… heavily).

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