Best of CES 2016: Our favourite tech from the show

Best of CES 2016: From TVs and turntables to gaming laptops and rugged watches

So there it is, another year and another CES done. After five days of trudging through convention halls, hotels in Vegas and the odd casino, we’re finished.

We’ve gone hands-on with everything from drones to 3D printers, electric skateboards to turntables, and there were some rather impressive products among a lot of filler.

So, which were the best? Which computer impressed us the most? Which wearable would we actually, well, wear? All your questions will be answered here, with the Best of CES 2016 Awards.

Computing product – Razer Blade Stealth and Razer Core

Gaming and Ultrabooks rarely, if ever, go hand in hand. But Razer is looking to change that, and we’re mightily impressed by what we’ve seen so far.

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The Blade Stealth is thin and light, with a gorgeous (optional) 4K display, powerful Intel Skylake i7 processors across the range and 8GB RAM as standard.

Each key on the keyboard has a little LED tucked behind that works with Razer’s Chroma system to give you pretty much a light show on your laptop.

But obviously there’s a catch. Seeing as this is an Ultrabook, there’s no space inside for the sort of GPU you’d need to power titles like Fallout 4. So, that’s where the Razer Core comes in.

Watch us checking the Razer Blade Stealth out at CES 2016:

Stick your Nvidia or AMD graphics card in the Razer Core, connect it to the Blade Stealth via Thunderbolt 3 and voilà, you’ve now got a fully functioning gaming powerhouse.

Health gadget – Withings Thermo

ces 11

It might sound ridiculously simple, but Withings’ take on the infrared thermometer was one of our standout finds at CES 2016. Not least because it proved that one of the TrustedReviews team was feeling a tad under the weather.

It’s a sleek, white tube that you hold against your temple for a few seconds until it spews out a reading. It’ll then sync with your phone and organise up to five people’s temperatures, giving you the option of forwarding the results straight to your doctor.

Audio product – Technics SL-1200AEG

Vinyl and turntables had a surprisingly big presence at CES this year, with lots of brands announcing high-tech record players. But the rebirth of the iconic Technics brand was a highlight for us.

ces 9

While Sony’s new turntable turns your crinkly old records into hi-res digital files, the Technics SL-1200AG is all about the sound. Panasonic, who owns the Technics brand, says audio has been improved thanks to a newly developed cordless direct-drive motor that gets rid of the old iron core. This used to be the cause of pesky speed inconsistencies.

It also looks absolutely gorgeous, with a retro multi-layered design that just makes us want one for the office right now.

Smartwatch – Casio Smart Outdoor Watch

ces 1

Smartwatches were almost non-existent at CES this year, which isn’t a glowing endorsement of those wrist-based wearables. But Casio clearly didn’t get the memo, as it released its first Android Wear device – and at first glance it seems very impressive.

Unlike the majority of other wearables running Android Wear, Casio isn’t looking to create a dressy timepiece here. Instead, it’s aiming for something much more rugged, longer-lasting and generally more useful.

The Smart Outdoor Watch is big, brash and expensive, but it’s also durable and can withstand depths of up to 50m. You’ll be able to eke a month out of the battery if you’re using it simply as a watch, but it should last five days even if you’re using the impressive selection of sensors.

Smartphone – Nextbit Robin

ces 7

Even though it was announced many months before CES, the Las Vegas show was the first time we got to see the final Nextbit Robin hardware that will ship next month. And we walked away very impressed, especially as this is, to all intents and purposes, a budget Android smartphone.

The Robin is probably the slickest and sexiest plastic built phone we’ve ever seen, with straight sides and a lovely two-tone colour scheme.

It also takes a completely different approach to every other Android on the market, by intelligently moving your data and apps between the 32GB internal storage and 100GB of cloud storage.

We go hands-on with the Nextbit Robin

TV – LG 65G6 Signature OLED TV

Out of all the halls filled with

televisions at CES, LG’s latest OLED caught our eye. We had to pull ourselves away from it.

ces 5


our hands-on we said, “The sad fact for most of the TV brands at CES,

however, is that none of them do thin quite as spectacularly and

stylishly as the LG G6 Signature OLED series.”

This TV is ridiculously thin and the majority of the width is made up by glass plate on the back, which creates almost the impression that the pictures are being created by the glass. It’s stunning. Picture quality is superb too, with bright and vivid colours and huge amounts of detail.


So, there it is. These were the products that won CES 2016 for us. Now have your say in the comments box below.