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Best GTA 5 Mods

Since launch Rockstar’s GTA 5 has cemented itself as one of the finest open-world games of all time. When it came to PC, it also brought an avalanche of modding opportunities. Creative fans have not disappointed, creating some truly brilliant creations.

If you’re in possession of a beefy gaming PC and fancy modding Los Santos to your heart’s content, then we’ve got just the list for you. We’ve compiled some of our top GTA mods below!

Best GTA 5 Mods – The Incredible Hulk

Wreaking havoc has always been one of GTA 5’s defining features, and now you can do so as Marvel comic’s most iconic monstrosity. You can literally leap across the city, crushing vehicles underfoot while also trampling pedestrians. It’s ridiculous fun, and really makes you feel like an unstoppable vandalism machine.

Download it here

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Best GTA 5 Mods – Pokemon

While this mod doesn’t quite bring some real pocket monsters by your side, it does allow you to recruit the citizens of Los Santos. How? Well, you merely hurl a poke ball at them. You have to weaken them first, though, which normally means hurling a punch or two their way. Once captured, they’ll happily fight by your side and even sprint into oncoming traffic.

Download it here

Best GTA 5 Mods – Liberty City

That’s right, once you’re done exploring the sunny heights of Los Santos, you can return to Liberty City to cause some mayhem.

This mod is still in alpha, so expect some quirks which need fixing, but that’s the beauty of modding, right?

Download it here

Best GTA 5 Mods – Car Cannon

This mod does exactly what it says on the tin. Once in possession of the car cannon you can pull the trigger and spew a stream of automobile ammunition towards your enemies. It’s hilarious, and all the explosions might do a thing or two to your frame rate.

Download it here

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Best GTA 5 Mods – Mobile Radio

GTA 5’s assortment of radio stations are hugely entertaining to listen to, but in the base game they’re restricted to vehicles. Mobile Radio makes it possible to access all stations from your handset. There’s probably a mod out there that gives you headphones, too.

Download it here

Best GTA 5 Mods – Car Jetpacks

It can be such a hassle trying to track down some aircraft in Los Santos. Car Jetpacks (sorta) solves this problem by providing all vehicles with their own personal propulsion system. Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. I’m sure Trevor would say something like that.

Download it here

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Best GTA 5 Mods – Become a cop

If you can’t escape the Los Santos Police Department, then why not join them? The Police Mod allows you to re-skin your avatar and gives you access to all the police vehicles – cruisers, helicopters, trucks and the like – and you can even listen to and respond to calls on the police scanner. Also, you never pick up a Wanted level.

Download it here

Best GTA 5 Mods – Superhot GTA

Superhot and its virtual reality counterpart are already incredibly cool, and perhaps even more so when translated into the world of GTA 5. Time only moves when you do, and this applies to every vehicles and human in the city of Los Santos. With a smart mind behind it, this mod can be used to perform some brilliant tricks.

Download it here

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Best GTA 5 Mods – Luxury Safehouse

If the vanilla assortment of cribs and penthouses aren’t enough for you, modding is one way to improve your humble virtual abode. Featuring over 30 parking spaces for your collection of cars and even a helipad, this safehouse will make you feel like a virtual celebrity.

Download it here

Best GTA 5 Mods – Become a railroad engineer

Instead of constantly trying to jump onto moving trains in GTA 5, what if you could don the engineer’s hat and control them yourself? This mod does exactly that, providing you with the power to stop, start and even derail trains across Los Santos.

Download it here

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Best GTA 5 Mods – Journey to North Yankton

GTA 5 starts with Michael and friends performing a heist in the snowy town of North Yankton. While you return there in story missions, there is no way to access the area on your own time. That changes with this mod, giving you full access to the surprisingly detailed town.

Download it here

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