8 of the best Google Pixel cases to buy right now

Best Google Pixel cases: 8 cases to help you protect the new Android champ

The new Google Pixel smartphone showcases the very best Android has to offer, but its slick design and high price point mean you’ll want to keep it safe. If you’re hoping to protect your Google Pixel from bumps, drops, and scratches, you’ll need a suitably tough phone case.

Here are some of the best Google Pixel cases that will keep your phone intact, without compromising on style:

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Pixel Case by Google

Google Pixel case

Unsurprisingly, Google has crafted its own snazzy range of cases for the Google Pixel. They’re not cheap, but you can bet they’ll fit like a glove, because they’re coming straight from the source.

The Pixel case comes in a choice of five colours, and is made from a combination of three materials: there’s a silicone exterior for grip and shock absorption, as well as a polycarbonate core, and a soft microfibre interior. Fancy, right?

Buy now: Pixel Case by Google at Google (£29)

Pixel Case by Google – Clear

Google Pixel case

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Google has also built a second type of Pixel phone case, which is made from clear material. It’s perfect if you want to show off the Pixel’s design, rather than covering it up in plastic. That means everyone will still be able to see the phone’s most striking external feature – the glass panel on the rear.

This appears to be a much thinner, simpler case than the regular Pixel Case, so we suspect it won’t offer quite the same protection. As a result, though, it’s a fiver cheaper.

Buy now: Pixel Case by Google – Clear at Google (£25)

Live Case by Google

Google Pixel case

The third and final case Google offers for its Pixel phone looks a lot like the regular Pixel Case. The main difference, as far as we can see, is that you’re allowed to specify a snazzy design for it and customise the colours.

Google has split this into three categories: Artworks (curated designs), Photos (your own images), and Places (Google Maps locations). Each one will also provided an accompanying live wallpaper to go on your Pixel.

Buy Now: Live Case by Google at Google – Artwork / Photos / Places (£35)

LK Ultra

Google Pixel case

If you hate the fact that cases spoil the aesthetics of a phone, but begrudgingly accept that you need one, then you’re probably a fan of the thin and clear approach. However, you’re probably also not inclined to pay £25 for one like Google’s official solution.

The LK Ultra is an example of a case that offers the same attributes for a fraction of the cost – and you can get it in a number of tints, too. Again, this isn’t going to provide the comprehensive protection of a multi-layered case, but it’ll fend off everyday bumps and scratches.

Buy Now: LK Ultra at Amazon.co.uk from £5.99 | Amazon.com from $7.99

Incipio Carnaby

Google Pixel case

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This one only seems to be available in the US at present, but it’s seriously stylish. Indeed, the Carnaby’s cloth finish reminds us a little of the Daydream View VR headset that accompanies the Pixel, so you could say it’s a faithful approach.

In addition to looking good, you also get a sturdy hard shell and shock-absorbing polymer construction, along with TPU button coverage. With shipping (but excluding any possible customs charges), it’ll work out to around the same price in pounds.

Buy Now: Incipio Carnaby at Incipio ($34.99)

Spigen Rugged Armor

Google Pixel case

Case maker Spigen can always be trusted to turn out solid, chunky cases that will keep your phone safe from otherwise calamitous drops. And they’re typically well-priced, too.

The Rugged Armor provides Air Cushion technology on the corners to absorb shocks, and a raised lip to keep the screen safe in the event of a droppage. It also has button covers, and the design reflects Google’s own with a contrasting panel around the fingerprint sensor opening.

Buy Now: Spigen Rugged Armor at Amazon.co.uk from £8.99 | Amazon.com from $19.99

Speck Presidio Grip

Google Pixel case

Speck is one of the biggest names in smartphone cases, so it’s always worth taking a look at its offering for a new phone. The Speck Presidio Grip isn’t showing up on the company’s UK website just yet, but it’s on the US one, so a little patience may be needed.

It should be worth the wait if you’re precious about your Pixel. The Presidio Grip is looking to be another solid effort, with the company’s Impactium (yes, really) material said to absorb 52 percent more shock than traditional TPE rubber. It’s also 20% less bulky than previous Speck cases.

Buy Now: Speck Presidio Grip at Speck ($39.95)

Fosmon DURA-T

Google Pixel case

If you’re the sort who doesn’t want to spend any more than they have to on your smartphone case, there are several cheap-and-cheerful options out there for your Pixel.

We’ve picked out the Fosmon DURA-T, a simple TPU case that should provide a certain level of protection for your Pixel (including a raised lip for screen protection) without much bulk. All that for less than the price of a pint of London beer.

Buy Now: Fosmon DURA-T at Amazon.co.uk from £3.49 | Amazon.com from $5.99

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Have you spotted any great Google Pixel cases? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll check them out.

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