10 last-minute Father’s Day gifts Dad won’t hate – and what to avoid

The TrustedReviews team, some of whom stay up all night being sicked on and ironing school uniforms ourselves, recommend the best last-minute Father’s Day gifts for 2016.

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Father’s Day is nearly here in the UK. And if you’re anything like us, you’ve left things to the last minute – again. Fear not. You can still pull it out of the bag in time for June 19.

Here are our expert picks for things Dad will actually thank you for buying him, along with some pointers on what to avoid at all costs.

Best Father’s Day 2016 Gadgets

1) Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush

Men start rotting from the inside from roughly the age of 35, so an electric toothbrush is a good investment – both for Dad and everyone he talks to.

The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean is arguably the best product on the consumer market for sanitising your gnashers, and its matte ceramic design is bloody slick-looking to boot.

Plus, it charges wirelessly in the bundled glass cup, which to most Dads will be the equivalent of seeing pigs fly.

There’s also a USB charging case for the frequent-flying father, and special sensitive brushing and gum care modes that’ll be the envy of the entire retirement home, either now or somewhere down the line.

BUY NOW: Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush for £99.99

2) Roku 3

One of our favourite streaming boxes, the Roku 3 earned nearly full marks in our review. More importantly, it’s a great way to force your father out of the Ice Age and into the 21st century.

It offers a wide range of welcome distractions for Dad on that one night a year he has to himself – iPlayer, Netflix, NOW TV, they’re all here – plus a remote with a built-in headphone jack so his, ahem, late-night viewing doesn’t wake up his trophy 21-year-old third wife.

There’s even a companion app for smartphones and tablets, so Dad can plan the evening’s viewing from the comfort of his own bog.

Cheaper than an Apple TV and more feature-rich than a Chromecast, it’s more winner than a chicken dinner – and you can get a free Sky Movies Pass for Dad as part of this special Father’s Day offer to boot!

BUY NOW: Roku 3 streaming box for £69.99

Roku 3 29

3) Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch

Picking up golf is a rite of passage for all fathers, if only because getting out for five hours’ worth of ‘man time’ in the name of playing sport and trying to shed that beer belly is vaguely justifiable. Watching sport? That’s just shorthand for getting drunk and doesn’t ever fly.

Which is all well and good. Golf is fun and very nearly real exercise. But it’s also bloody tough.

Enter Garmin’s range of sporty wearables. The company offers no less than five golf-specific smartwatches, but the Approach S2 is the one to instantly improve your duffer Dad’s game.

It only does a few things, but it does them well, utilising GPS and a database of more than 38,000 courses to tell its wearer the exact distance to the front, middle, and back of the green.

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Sound like a nicety rather than an essential? Maybe if you’re 18 and have 20/20 vision, but not when you’re 40 and regularly smash a short approach shot into the car park, thinking the green was miles away.

In other words, not when you’re a Dad.

BUY NOW: Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch for £99.99

4) Aerobie AeroPress

Along with beer and a quarterly shag, coffee is what keeps sleepy Dads everywhere (read: Dads everywhere) going. The problem is that most quality coffee makers are really expensive – and that money’s already been earmarked for Hugo and Jemima’s private education.

But treating your Dad to an upgrade from grimy instant granules this Father’s Day isn’t impossible, or even that dear. The Aerobie AeroPress is a simple but also ingenious (and ingeniously cheap) cafetière-style coffee maker that’s easy to use and, crucially for your washing up-shy Dad, even easier to clean.

Simply wet a filter, shove in some ground coffee, mix with hot water, and push down. That’s it – a great-tasting fix in a minute or less.

“A minute or less?!” you’ll hear Dad say, “Sounds better than Viagra!” (Don’t laugh out of politeness, it’ll only encourage him.)

BUY NOW: Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker for £27.95


5) Bose QuietComfort 35

We all want to block out the world sometimes, and your Dad is no exception. That’s probably your fault, but it’s not too late to make reparations. Enter, Bose.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 are noise-cancelling headphones. This means they listen to the ambient noise around the wearer, and then cancel out the din with a noise-cancelling sound wave. It’s like magic, but with fewer wands.

BUY NOW: Bose QuietComfort 35 in Black at Amazon for £289.95

BUY NOW: Bose QuietComfort 35 in Silver at Amazon for £289.95

6) Tefal OptiGrill

Dads love burning shit, but when the sun’s not shining, how are they meant to cremate those sausages?

While many men are perfectly happy barbecuing in the rain, you can save yours a trip to the GP by gifting him a Tefal OptiGrill.

This is a fantastic bit of kitchen kit that we gave a near-perfect 8/10 when we reviewed it. Basically, think a George Foreman grill on steroids – and without the embarrassing celebrity branding.

What makes it so clever is its automatic sensors, which adjust the grill’s cooking cycle based on what’s being cooked, how much is being cooked, and the thickness of what’s being cooked.

Done-ness is displayed on a totally Dad-proof LED wheel, and the OptiGrill’s removable plates are stupidly easy to disassemble and clean – everything’s dishwasher safe.

What Foreman grills did for grubby student kitchens everywhere, the OptiGrill will do for your Dad. Oh, and if he likes his steak well done, you can give him a bonus slap as well.

BUY NOW: Tefal OptiGrill for £109.99


7) Samsung Gear VR

Think your Dad is secretly plotting his escape to Mexico? Save him the effort of a name change and buy Samsung’s Gear VR headset. That way he can escape reality without having to quit his job, forgo mortgage payments, or train himself to respond only to ‘Raoul’.

You can pick up a Samsung Gear VR for as little as £70 at Amazon, but bear in mind that it’ll only work with a Samsung Galaxy S6 or newer.

Still, it’s cheaper than a one-way ticket to Cancun.

BUY NOW: Samsung Gear VR at Amazon for £69.99

Gear VR

8) Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit

Smart people deserve smart presents. That’s what you’re going to tell your Dad when you give him Samsung’s SmartThings Starter Kit. Brownie points: earned.

This smart home beginner’s pack features a bunch of cool gadget goodies designed to upgrade a house or flat. It comes with a Samsung SmartThings Hub (the brain of the operation), plus:

  • Motion Sensor: Monitors movement in your home
  • Power Outlet: Can control lights, electronics, and small appliances
  • Multi-Sensor: Monitors whether windows/doors are left open, and tracks temperature
  • Presence Sensor: This goes in a bag or a car, letting you keep track of belongings


BUY NOW: SmartThings Starter Kit at Samsung for £199

9) Withings Body Cardio smart scale

This is a tricky one. On the one hand, your Dad will probably hate you for buying a gift that reminds him about his physical inadequacies on a daily basis. But on the other, he may eventually (and begrudgingly) thank you for extending his life.

The Withings Body Cardio is a smart scale that connects to your smartphone. It can feed you plenty of useful data like weight, BMI, body composition, and heart rate. It’s also the first scale we’ve seen to track Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV), which is arguably the best measure of cardiovascular health.

BUY NOW: Withings Body Cardio at Withings for £139.95

Withings Body Cardio

10) Netflix/Amazon Prime Video

Valentine’s Day is well behind us, but there’s no reason why you can’t help your father get a little bit of Netflix and Chill action during these steamy summer months.

The best-value Netflix package currently costs £7.49 per month, giving you HD streaming and the use of two screens simultaneously.

You could also invest in Amazon Prime, which will set you back £79 as a one-off payment. But there are plenty of bundled goodies with Prime, including free next-day delivery and free Kindle book loans.

BUY NOW: Netflix for £7.49 per month

BUY NOW: Amazon Prime for £79 per annum

The cheapskate solution

‘Let’s play a game’ vouchers – £0

For the exceptionally frugal (read: tight) amongst you, why not consider ‘Let’s play a game’ vouchers? Razz up some home-made coupons on your computer, print them off, and hand them over to Papa.

Each voucher will give your Dad a free evening of undisturbed video gaming – freeing him from all parental and marital responsibility. Print as many (or as few) as you’d like.

TrustedReviews is not responsible for any divorces caused by this gift.


What Not to Buy

We’ve all gotten rubbish gifts before and had to grin and bear it. Father’s Day is a repeat offender in this respect because a) Dad don’t actually want anything and b) if he does, it’s usually a pint.

Yet time and time again guilt-ridden children hit the local shopping centre at the last minute and snap up a random bit of tat to try and make Dad feel special.

Don’t fall into this trap.

If you’re worried you might, here’s what to definitely avoid:

  • Anything monogrammed, unless you can monogram a Wagyu steak
  • ‘Novelty’ gifts of any kind, this R2-D2 biscuit tin notwithstanding
  • Video games. Unless he’s asked for one, buy vouchers instead, kids
  • Socks. Enough said
  • A pen. He’ll only use it to write you out of his will

If you’re really, really stuck, go with a tried and trusted fallback – booze. Whisky (we recently tried and loved the new Glenlivet Cipher single malt, though it don’t come cheap), beer and wine rarely go down the wrong way, even if Dad does usually choke on his dentures.


What are you getting Dad for Father’s Day? Let us know in the comments below.