Back to the Future Day: 8 ways to celebrate that iconic date in movie history

Happy Back to the Future Day! Here’s eight of the best ways to celebrate one of the most iconic moments in sci-fi movie history.

If you didn’t know by now, October 21 2015 is a big deal for movie fans. It’s of course the precise date one Marty McFly travels to to sort out his wayward son in Back to the Future. It’s also the date that marks the 30th anniversary of the BTTF and there’s been no shortage of companies trying to pay homage to the iconic film trilogy.

We’ve picked out the best tech related ones to get in on the celebratory action.

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Check in on Doc’s Facebook profile

Yes, even Facebook is getting

in on the action. So if you’ve already had you’re quota of Lad

Bible vids today, you can head over to Doctor Emmett Brown’s official Facebook page

where you can already find the page has been liked over 15,000 times

and is littered with images from the film with not a clickbait link in

sight. Go on, give Doc a poke…


Get a DeLorean to work (if you’re in New York)


this BTTF tie-in is only open to our friends in the US and specifically

the ones that live in New York. The Uber-esque service Lyft has teamed

up with Universal and mobile network Verizon to offer its customers a

special ‘McFly Mode’. When you you toggle to the option in the app,

you’ll be able to pick up a free ride in a DeLorean. Good luck hitting

that max 88mph speed on the busy streets of Manhattan though.


Play Wild Gunman like Marty

Eagle-eyed gamers and fans of the

film will remember the moment Marty McFly steps up to play the arcade

game in Back to the Future Part 2 in a failed bid to impress a couple of

kids nearby. Now Nintendo has decided to let Wii U owners indulge their

gaming nostalgia with a version of the gunslinging game, which actually

launched back in the mid-to-late eighties. It’s going to be available

through the Wii U virtual console from Thursday October 22st and is

priced at £3.49/4.99 Euros.

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Watch all of the Back to the Future films for free on Prime


you just want watch it again or you have no idea what people are

talking about when they mention Power Laces or Doc Brown, then Amazon is

currently giving you the option to play catch up. You can watch all

three of the Back to the Future films for free via its Prime Instant

Video streaming service. Granted, you will have to sign up to the Prime

first, but if you’re already a subscriber, that’s a night or two of

viewing sorted.

Get a free flux capacitor upgrade from Ford


is offering the limited edition offer of a flux capacitor for its

latest Focus and Fiesta cars. From the 21 to the 26 of October,

prospective owners can head to the build and price page on Ford’s

website and add in a the key piece of tech that helped Marty and Doc

travel in time. It’ll cost you a mammoth $1,219,390, well, actually it

wont. It is of course not real, but you can see a video of what it would

look like nestled inside your new motor.


Ride the Hendo 2.0 hoverboard


got very excited when Arx Pax teased a ‘hoverboard’,

but it turned out it wasn’t exactly the kind of hoverboard you can glide

down to the shops to pick up some milk. It was still very cool and they

even convinced legendary skater Tony Hawk to ride one. The Hendo 2.0 is

set to be announced this week and Pax has enlisted the help of Hawk to

help design the second gen board. You can expect a sleeker profile for

improved rider control, new power system and USB connectivity for a

longer battery life.

Chances are, we probably won’t be riding on the Hendo 2.0 in the near future, much like the Lexus hoverboard announced last week.


Play a DeLorean in Rocket League

Psyonix, the makers of the half football, half racing PC and PS4 game announced last week that it would be making the DeLorean available to use this week. The addition comes courtesy of a new DLC, which will cost you $1.99/£1.99/1.99 Euros and will come complete with those folding wheels and ‘burnt rubber’ rocket trail. Apparently the Psynoix team are big fans of the film and had previously joked about adding it to the game. You should be able to download the DeLorean Rocket League DLC from Steam and the PlayStation Store from today.


See an electric DeLorean in action

If you can’t make it to New York to ride one, a team of students from Queen’s University in Belfast have built their own electric-powered homage to the Back to the Future car. Apparently is took 18 months to build, using the original drivetrain from the DeLorean and a modified Renault gearbox to help give it a top speed of 120mph.

The electric DeLorean will be on show on October 21st at the Ulster Museum in Belfast with a free lecture on how it was built kicking off from 6pm. You can find out more information and register on The Institution of Engineering and Technology website.