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The Olympics kick off this Friday with an opening ceremony that’s been

put together by feted movie director Danny Boyle and will no doubt prove

spectacular. Once that’s out of the way we can look forward to two

weeks of top sporting action with the best athletes in the world

competing head to head. To get you in the mood we’re running our

Appylmpics – roundups of the best apps for making the most of the

Olympics. Today we’re awarding medals for the best fitness apps. Who

makes the podium? Read on to find out.

Medal: Gold
Endomondo Sports Tracker
Price: Free
Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Applympics  Applympics


Sports Tracker is a great fitness app that lets you keep track of just

about any sort of sports activity including running, rowing, kayaking,

biking and snowboarding. It tracks your progress in outdoor sports via

your phone’s GPS chip and automatically produces data such as your

fastest and slowest times as well as the number of calories you’ve

burned. The app syncs with the Endomondo website which includes social

networking features allowing you to view other people’s progress, swap

training tips or download new running routes. The app also support

fitness accessories such as wireless heart rate monitors. All in all,

it’s a top quality way to track your training.

Medal: Silver
Price: Free
Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Applympics  Applympics


does what it says on the tin, but also packs in a few more features

too. Essentially it’s a tool for joggers and runners to track their

routes as they run. Use your phone GPS feature it tracks stuff like your

pace, distance travelled, elevation, distance travels and if you buy an

optional heart rate monitor it. As you run voice prompts keep you

informed of your progress and once you’ve finished your punishing

workout you can upload your runs and records to Facebook and Twitter if

you feel like showing off to the world.

Medal: Bronze
Addidas MiCoach

Price: Free
Platforms: iOS, Android

Applympics  Applympics


MiCoach differs from most other fitness apps in that it doesn’t just

set out to track your training it actually wants to act as your coach.

The app works in conjunction with the MiCoach website. To get started

you enter some information into the website about your sex, weight and

height and then decide on your training goal (lose weight, run a

distance faster etc). The site then develops a training program for you

to follow and downloads it into the app. When you’re out on your

training run the app calls out different paces that you must hit during

the workout. It tracks these via GPS an tells you to speed up or slow

down if you’re not hitting your targets. This makes it a great

alternative to professional coaching.

Tune in tomorrow for our pick of the best Sports Games.

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