Zepto Notebooks To Get 600Mbit Draft-N

Don't blink, you might miss it!

Although 802.11n wireless doesn’t seem likely to get ratified any time soon, it seems to be getting adopted by just about every major notebook manufacturer, mostly thanks to Intel including it with its latest Centrino specification. Zepto, however, isn’t settling for the standard solution and is claiming to have tweaked the chips in its systems to get some pretty hefty performance increases.

While Intel’s solution tops out at around 40Mbit/s real-world speeds, Zepto is clamming it will be able to pull 600Mbit/s from its cards, giving around 150-200Mbit/s actual performance at distances of around 25ft. From what we can garner, the solution works by taking the Multiple In Multiple Out (MIMO) channels of the Draft-N device and, for want of a better word, splicing them together.

Normally Draft-N devices use the MIMO channels to allow a greater range and signal strength, so we would expect that these would be diminished with Zepto’s solution. However, in an area of good signal, the improved bandwidth could be a brilliant benefit. In a small office, say, the possibility of getting greater speeds than many wired solutions. Notebooks should be ready sometime around January for the interested among you.

Zepto UK.