YouTube Unveils Fresh New Look

Google has given

YouTube a fresh coat of paint just in time for the Christmas holidays and it is

rolling out now to everyone.

The new look

promises to make it a lot easier for you to see the content you are interested

in and has been reorganised into three main columns. The channels you subscribe to will be

shown down the left hand column while the centre column will display the latest

videos from these channels.

Of course the only channel you will want to be watching is the TrustedReviews Channel wherre you can find all our latest HD video reviewsin one place.

The right hand

side will be a navigation panel and here you’ll be able to see what videos all

your Google
contacts (all seven of them, that is) have been looking at.

But it’s not just

available here, as you can also sign-in to Facebook (an opt-in choice) allowing

you to Like videos which will show up on your Facebook feed as well as see what your Facebook friends are looking at on the service.

You will also be

able to customise your own channel page if you have one, giving you four main default templates to work from. Customisation is at the heart of this new design with

YouTube saying it wants to let users find what they want more easily and faster.

In July, YouTube

unveiled the experimental Cosmic Panda refresh and it was as a result of

feedback from this experiment which inspired the look and features of the new

site. The overall look is very much in line with the redesigned look of Gmail and of course of Google

While YouTube is getting somewhere in the region of 3.5 billion video views a day, only 200 million of these come through the YouTube homepage. This means that users are accessing YouTube through Facebook and Twitter and this is a trend Google will want to reverse – placing Google integration at the centre of the new look.

Let us know what

you think of the new YouTube look and if it will encourage you to go and seek out

more videos of people chasing their dog through a park in London screaming


Source: YouTube