YouTube To Auto-Block Copyrighted Content

Software in place for a September launch.

If we’re honest one of the biggest perks of YouTube is being able to watch a sneaky music video here or episode of our favourite show there, but perhaps soon no longer…

The monstrous video sharing website has come out to declare it plans to have an automated software recognition technology in place in September which will instantly weed out illegally posted content.

Nothing was mentioned about how the filter will work, mostly likely to avoid helping hackers anymore than possible, but the $1.65bn Google acquisition said it is confident that virtually all copyright material will be found quickly and efficiently enabling it to focus its efforts away from content policing and back to site innovations.

In all, the move is hardly surprising. YouTube has been threatened with lawsuits by everyone from Viacom – which filled a $1bn suit – to the FA Premier League and it knows losses will open up the floodgates for other claimants.

Naturally I expect hackers to find their way around whatever filters make it onto YouTube fairly promptly, but it may be more than enough to deprive the casual uploader of their guilty pleasures and the casual viewer of theirs…


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