YouTube Gets Brave New Rival

Bringing a sense of organisation to the chaotic world of video sharing.

In this day and age companies can appear so institutionalised that challenging them would appear nothing less than mere folly, but what if your idea is better…?

Like its ambitious target YouTube, ‘WeShow’ is a video sharing website, where it is different however is in trying to deliver a more efficient user experience.

For all the good will in the world, YouTube is incredibly bloated with specific content virtually impossible to find, the dead and slow loading links almost equalling the live, responsive ones. Where WeShow hopes to make an impact therefore is through amalgamating content from YouTube, iFilm and others and deploying a tireless developer community to filter and categorise it into a system of ‘Channels’. The result – in theory – is to provide a one-stop-site for viewing the best clips the web has to offer.

Besides sorting through the vast mess of existing online video sharing websites, WeShow also produces its own content with weekly awards for the best videos in each Channel category, user voting and its own weekly TV show highlighting new technologies, clips, and site features.

Naturally enough, WeShow is going to face intense competition – most obviously from the video sharing sites themselves. That said, as a new start-up it shows a great deal of promise and with the focus on user experience and a smooth software interface rather than the glut of uploading and hosting content it certainly brings much needed order to a previously chaotic arena.


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