YouTube Brings Film Rentals To UK

Last May, YouTube made new release films available to rent to users in the US

and last month it extended that to Canada. Now it is bringing the

service to the UK.

YouTube has made over a 1,000 feature-length films from Hollywood and British studios available to UK film lovers.

Having a quick look at the new site, you’ll see that YouTube will be offering new releases like Hanna

alongside older favourites with a British flavour such as Lock Stock and Two

Smoking Barrels and our favourite, Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life.

Prices for the various movies range from £3.49 for new

releases to £2.49 for the stock library of titles with users getting 30 days to

begin watching the titles once rented and 48 hours to complete viewing once


YouTube UK Film Rental

YouTube has partnered with Universal, Lionsgate,

Entertainment One as well as independent British film makers such as Metrodome

and Revolver Entertainment for the UK version of the service.

Users will be able to watch the movie on any computer once

they have signed into their YouTube account, as well as being able to watch the films via

Google TV and on tablets running Android Honeycomb – though you will need to download an

updated app to get this working.

Will you be renting movies through YouTube? Or will you

continue to trudge down to the local video store in order to pick up the latest

release? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Official YouTube Blog