YouTube Adding ITV, Channel 4 Programmes?

Taking on Hulu, perhaps?

Apparently YouTube is following mirroring Hulu’s plans to launch content from providers in the UK. According to New Media Age, Google’s video web-service is in talks with ITV and Channel 4 – similarly to Hulu – which would see full length programmes on the site.

YouTube already carries a limited amount of content from BBC Worldwide, including clips from such programmes as Top Gear and Doctor Who. Further, the recently launched Premium sections on YouTube in the US show that the site definitely has the infrastructure behind it to at least try to take on its rivals. The real question, it seems, is whether Google will take advantage of that in the UK any time soon.

The addition of some ‘quality’ content to YouTube could be of help in Google’s quest to make the site profitable. I doubt many would argue an advert slot alongside – or pre-roll before – an episode of, say, Britain’s Got Talent is worth less than one next to Simon Cowell in a Blender. Or perhaps not.


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