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Your next pair of trainers could be made by Samsung

Samsung has announced plans to showcase a smart training shoe and app platform called IOFIT at the Mobile World Congress expo in Barcelona next week.

The shoe, made by Samsung start up Salted Venture, is loaded with pressure sensors that feed data performance and technique-based data back to athletes and coaches via a companion app in real time.

The insights will include data on balance, centre of gravity and how wearers shift their weight from one foot to another. The app’s ability to record video can also be used to view the data the data in-time with the activity itself.

The shoe can be used in golfing and weight training as well as more conventional activities like running, Samsung says.

Athletes and coaches can also annotate on the videos (using the S-Pen, one would assume) and leave voice overs with tips, feedback and observations on the data.

Samsung says the video playback is what makes IOFIT different to other platforms and smart shoes.

“What makes this possible is the video playback feature of the IOFIT application, which allows a user to evaluate their form and the respective real-time data all on one screen,” the company wrote (via SamMobile)

“Utilizing this core feature, a user can better visualize how they look, and how their stance and posture are affecting their fitness routine or their golf swing.” 

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The IOFIT show has been developed by the Salted Venture start up, which is a Samsung spin off.

Samsung says it hopes to reach out to other footwear companies at MWC in order to bring the technology to other brands.