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You’ll find repairing the iPad Pro 10.5 tough going, teardown confirms

The new iPad Pro 10.5, with its beautifully enlarged display in a smaller form factor, is out now. Here’s what Apple’s new tablet looks like on the inside.

Teardown specialists iFixit have released their complete breakdown of what the new Pro 10.5 has hiding beneath that rapid new 120 Hz panel, and it looks like it’s going to be a hard one to fix.

After performing a deep dive into the internals of the device, iFixit claims that a fused front panel will increase the costs of any screen repair you might need carried out.

Also, “gobs of adhesive” hold each component into each place, posing further challenges when attempting to fix the flagship tablet. This glue might be trying to put off users from gaining access to the device, but the thinner bezel actually makes prising open the unit a little easier. Yet, this adhesive also prevents the Pro 10.5 from being the second truly recyclable iPad after the original Pro.

Check out the teardown video below:

Also making things easier is the arrangement of the display cables. For only the second time in an iPad, Apple have placed the display cables right down the centre of the tablet, reducing the risk of accidentally snagging one when performing repairs.

However, there is a curious difference between the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi and Cellular models. In the Wi-Fi only version there is a mysterious black plastic box where the Cellular unit would be in its mobile internet-capable sister.

Making things more interesting is the fact that this plastic block was not present in the Wi-Fi only 12.9-inch model.

“We are speculating that it adds support to the display assembly, as opposed to empty space as seen in earlier iPads,” iFixit report.

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