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You can 3D print the Royal baby. No, really…

If you’ve ever wished you could make like Kate Middleton and squeeze out a royal baby, we’ve got some good news for you.

A 3D-printing enthusiast called Franc Falco has produced a lithophane of Princess Charlotte, and it’s about as creepy as you’d imagine.

“The idea for the Lithophane actually came from an e-mail a colleague sent me regarding how a lot of big brands are jumping on the ‘royal bandwagon’ and releasing various products all commemorating the new royal birth,” Falco explained, speaking to 3DPrint.com.

He continued: “And to be honest, I actually created my piece as a ‘tongue in cheek’ example of what could be done with 3D printing in that theme.”

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To create the pint-sized masterpiece, Falco first Google searched for images of the baby princess.

He then used Photoshop to create a greyscale negative of the photo, which was then converted into a 3D relief map using Maxon C4D modelling software.

Falco’s birthing instrument of choice for the baby was a MakerBot Replicator 2 3D princter, which pushed out the royal lithophane using white PLA filament.

The good news is that Falco has made his design files for the print available to download for free on Thingiverse.

Here’s a video of HRH Princess Charlotte, in her new, plasticky form: