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Year in Monzo 2019: How to see the least fun breakdown of your past 12 months

If you fire up Twitter right now, you’ll get a slap in the face from one of the smuggest hashtags you’re ever likely to see in the Trending box: #YearInMonzo. Shudder. If you’re brave enough, here’s how to view your own Year in Monzo (aka the various different ways that money has fallen out of your ownership) too.

The first thing you need to know is that you can only view your Year in Monzo on your mobile device. The easiest way to access it is by firing up the Monzo app, hitting the Help button on the home screen and tapping the search bar. The suggestion ‘Year in Monzo 2019’ should automatically pop up below it. Tap it.

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Take a seat, grit your teeth and, once you’re ready, hit the blue ‘Year In Monzo’ button that appears towards the bottom of the screen.

As Monzo so enthusiastically explains: “Year in Monzo shows you insights into how you spent, saved, shared money with friends and worked towards your financial goals!

“Curious about where you shopped the most last year? How much you saved with round-ups? Or how many times you ate out? It’s all ready for you to check out in your app now!”

It’s one of the weirder 2019 challenges we’ve seen, and it’s very Monzo. It’s slick and witty, and done very well. It’s hard to imagine customers of any other bank being so keen to share their private spending habits with the whole wide world.

Unfortunately − or perhaps, more accurately, gratefully − not all Monzo users actually have a Year in Monzo to burst into tears over.

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That’s because, as Monzo explains: “If you don’t use Monzo much or you’ve only been with us for a short while, we won’t have enough information to show you.

“Unfortunately we won’t be able to send you one now − if that’s the case, be sure to check again next year!”