Yamaha Virtual 5.1 Surround Really Here

Self-proclaimed first "real" 5.1 one-box solution.

Just in case you decided that now is the time to invest in a new HDTV from, say, Sony or Sharp Yamaha are proposing to offer you a decent sound system to accompany your screen. Clearly if you intend to invest in a quality television you wouldn’t want to use the sets, generally disappointing, integrated speakers.

With a range of models to suit most budgets, or at least most budgets of those wealthy enough to be looking at a system warranting dedicated speakers anyway, the Yamaha Digital Sound Projector (YSP) range is claimed as the only true one-box 5.1 surround-sound system on the market. The system uses the proprietary automatic calibration system to set up the sound-reflecting technology embedded in each set.

All the boxes also include a Night Listening Enhancer mode which proposes to reduce the loss of dialogue and other quiet audio channels when using low volume levels. I can attest to how frustrating it is trying to watch a film at 1am and having to decide between waking up the neighbours or hear what’s going on on-screen. The former probably wishing I’d not choose the latter.

The new line-up starts with the YSP-500 at £599, then progresses to the £799 YSP-30D and finishes with the most expensive and best looking YSP-40D at £1,199. The latter two both also feature built in DAB tuners and iPod connectors if that floats your boat. No specific release dates have been set for any of the models.

Yamaha YSP product site

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